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Remote audits: Approach and best practices

8. Apr 2020


Fast, safe and competent assessment with remote audits

Standard owners have made arrangements allowing for the expansion of remote audits to support businesses during this current time of crisis. Our comprehensive remote audits use fast, secure and interactive streaming technology to provide you technical expertise and practical assessment.

Remote audits

Applicable documents for our remote audits

  • IAF MD 1:2018 - IAF Mandatory Document for the Audit and Certification of a Management System Operated by a Multi-Site Organization
  • IAF MD 4:2018 – IAF Mandatory Document for the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Auditing/Assessment Purposes
  • IAF MD 5:2015 – Determination of Audit Time of Quality and Environmental Management Systems
  • DEKRA Management Systems Manual

We develop individually tailored strategies to ensure the remote audit meets the requirements unique to each client and location. Our experts provide you the support, knowledge and experience you need during audit:

After determining and confirming the audit approach appropriate to your specific needs and according to your available technology infrastructure, our authorized lead auditor works with you to establish which technical options and assessment methods will be used in the final audit plan.

Using reliable and stable voice and video communication and screen sharing capabilities necessary for a successful remote audit, our auditors conduct personal interviews, review documents and records and observe processes and activities according to your particular plan.

In addition to regular result reporting, our remote audit documents methods used and determines whether the audit was effective in achieving the objectives designated in your tailored plan.

We provide accredited remote audits according to the following standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 50001
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 45001 / OHSAS 18001
  • EN/AS9100 series
  • ISO 22000
  • ISO/IEC 27001

Please note that remote auditing is not suitable for initial certification audits due to the higher level of risk resulting from the lack of familiarity with the client system.

Do you have questions regarding remote audits for your company? Contact our experts now!

Approach remote audit

Frequently Asked Questions: Remote audits

Any company can take advantage of a remote audit so long as all processes can be remotely mapped and all the technical equipment needed to conduct a successful remote audit is available and up to standard. It is additionally important that your employees are versed in audit rules and behaviors. Further considerations may arise in cases in which on-site visits are absolutely necessary, audits might disrupt production or services, or previous audits have been problematic or unsuccessful.

Our auditors use many technical options to ensure you a speedy, secure and competent remote audit. Some of the information and computer technology we might implement include but are not limited to:

- Teleconferencing or web meetings
- Miscellaneous interactive web-based communications
- Handheld devices, smartphones and wearable technology
- Electronic access to management system documentation and/or processes

In normal circumstances, remote audits are exclusive to office locations. At this critical time, production sites can be remotely audited.

Although delivery targets may vary according to specific scheme requirements, the overall duration of your remote audit will be the same as allotted for each certification program. Specific criteria are considered when developing your individual audit plan to ensure timely completion.

If connectivity issues arise, basic telephone communication is used while our experts attempt to solve the problem. Our experienced auditors will work with you to implement alternative arrangements to ensure the audit is properly completed in cases where the problem cannot be sufficiently resolved.

In cases in which our auditors are not able to observe the processes and activities needed to fulfill the certification requirements, additional on-site audits will be scheduled accordingly.

The same rules of confidentiality apply to remote audits, ensuring the security of electronic or electronically transmitted information at all times. All information collected during audit planning and execution (except information classified for certification records) is discarded. No unauthorized voice or video recording is allowed. Authorized recordings are to be used exclusively for purposes of certification.

  • Easy access to our global network of experts
  • Fast, secure and flexible assessment anywhere in the world
  • Stay on schedule in extraordinary circumstances

As an internationally recognized testing, assessment and certification services provider, we support you with tailored remote audits in both established and recently expanded areas. In times of crisis, you can rely on our experts to provide you comprehensive services based on up-to-date information according to international standards and evolving policy. We stand by you in your efforts to keep your business flourishing in extraordinary circumstances. Our global network of experts is on hand to serve you from a single source at any time, anywhere in the world.

Talk to one of our experts today and find out how our remote auditing services can benefit you!


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