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Quality Testing of Household Candles

Quality Testing of Household Candles

Verified raw material quality and safe candle burning with the RAL quality mark

On behalf of the Candle Quality Association, DEKRA tests household candles and their raw materials for quality and safe burning. With the RAL quality mark for candles, you provide consumers with the assurance of purchasing high-quality candles. We support manufacturers, importers, and retailers with initial sampling and quality assurance.
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Reducing the Risk of Fire and Emissions of Pollutants

Too rapid or uneven burning, dripping, and soot formation can be avoided by purchasing tested candles, as well as concerning concentrations of environmentally and health-harming substances (such as PAHs and sulfur dioxide). Manufacturers wishing to label their products with the RAL quality mark GZ 041 must use candle raw materials, colors, and varnishes that meet precisely defined purity and quality requirements.

Consumer Protection through Tested Quality

With DEKRA's candle testing, you ensure a high level of health and environmental compatibility for your products. Our experts support you with a wide portfolio of chemical-analytical tests and pollutant investigations for quality assurance, product development, initial sampling, incoming goods inspections, and precise damage assessment as needed.

Testing and Analytical Services

  • Burning behavior according to RAL or customer specifications
  • Raw material analysis (paraffin, stearin, beeswax, palm oils)
  • Soot behavior and pollutant emissions during burning
  • Emission safety of flammable air fresheners (DIN EN 16738, DIN EN 16739)
  • Damage analysis
  • Testing of matches, lighters, and ignition aids
  • Fire safety and labeling of outdoor candles (Outdoor Candles) according to DIN EN 17616 and DIN EN 17617
  • Fire safety and labeling of candle accessories (accessories, candle holders) according to DIN EN 17885
  • Fire safety of indoor candles according to DIN EN 15493

DEKRA - Safety and Quality for Candles with the RAL Quality Mark

  • Interdisciplinary testing spectrum for chemical safety and material quality
  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories of DEKRA Automobil GmbH in Germany, located in Bretten, Halle, Saarbrucken, and Stuttgart
  • Global DEKRA laboratory network offering a multitude of testing option