Procurement and Compliance
Procurement and Compliance

Procurement and Compliance

For DEKRA, the integrity, reliability and neutrality of all employees is of vital importance. The reputation of DEKRA in the market and the independence in the performance of our services and sovereign tasks are significantly determined by the behavior of each individual.
Therefore, we also require our suppliers to work on the basis of our ethical standards, reliably fulfill their obligations and act as fair business partners.
In this context, clear regulations are important in order to be clear at all times about what may and may not be done.
With the DEKRA Compliance Guidelines , we at DEKRA have given ourselves globally binding guidelines and directives which also directly affect you as our business partner and which you must comply with.
In order to be able to check and process violations of the Compliance Guidelines at all levels and in all sectors of DEKRA, we have set up a compliance whistleblower system.
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