PEMS (Portable Emission Measurement System)

The Exhaust Emissions Test in Road Traffic

Better air is the objective. However, the constantly changing quantity of vehicles on our roads is causing the air and climate situation to become worse; as a result, increasing importance is being placed on the measurement of exhaust emissions. Accordingly, series cars and commercial vehicles must submit to an exhaust emission test both in test laboratories and in real road traffic that focuses in part on nitrogen oxide and particles – the specific substances that are to be reduced in the future according to the EU air pollution prevention directive.

At the DEKRA Test Center in Klettwitz, we use the PEMS (portable emission measurement system) technology for this - a mobile exhaust emission measuring device for real operations. To determine the emissions on public roads using PEMS, the RDE (real driving emissions) process is additionally applied. For the RDE test, the vehicles are equipped with the PEMS technology for mobile emission measurement and are tested with respect to the nitrogen oxide (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), and particle number (PN) limits on a roller dynamometer in the DEKRA Test Oval and in real road traffic. Even during the journey, precise measurement data is collected thanks to the exhaust emission measuring device at the rear of the vehicle as well as various sensors, allowing an exact link between the driving situation and the exhaust emissions result to be ascertained.

Our DEKRA experts possess many years of extensive knowledge relating to mobile emission measurement on vehicles at our DEKRA Test Center. Here, our services and experience relate not to conventional vehicles alone, but also to hybrid drives.

We are pleased you are interested in our PEMS process. We will be happy to put together an individual offer for you.
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