Other Equipment

Other equipment include seat belts, anti-theft device, horn, airbags, and warning lights on the dashboard.

Seat Belts

ROLE: to limit the movement of the passengers in the event of an impact and to secure baby seats in place.
The inspector will check the condition of the seat belts and ensure that the locking and adjustment systems work properly. The seat belt must roll and unroll without any obstruction.
Risks if non-compliant:
  • Sudden rupture and failure if the seat belt is damaged, incorrectly fitted or doesn’t work properly in a collision.
  • If the seat belt system is not working correctly, the driver or passenger may not be held in position and could even be ejected from the vehicle in the event of an accident.


ROLE: to provide additional protection by means of a cushion that inflates in the event of an impact and they can prevent or reduce injury.
Airbags cushion the contact of the driver or passenger with the steering wheel, dashboard or vehicle structure, but they do not replace seat belts.
Risks if non-compliant:
  • The severity of injuries inflicted could be far greater in incidents where the airbags don’t work properly.

Warning Lights on the Dashboard

ROLE: to alert the driver of any area of a vehicle that isn’t functioning correctly, the failures are detected by sensors. Pay particular attention to orange and red indicators, as they could indicate a serious failure.
Risks if non-compliant:
  • Warning lights are linked to the engine or to safety systems such as ABS, ESP, lane assist, etc. A red light signals that the vehicle must be stopped immediately and repaired, an orange light means that the vehicle must be repaired as soon as possible.

Anti-Theft Device

ROLE: to prevent the theft of the vehicle by blocking the steering column and sometimes blocking the engine from starting.
Risks if non-compliant:
  • Theft of the vehicle may be easier.
  • The device could block while driving if it doesn’t work properly.


ROLE: to emit an audible warning sound to signal to other vehicles or pedestrians of an impending danger or hazard. To signal a vehicle's approach or presence.
Risks if non-compliant:
  • It is not possible to warn others of danger if the device doesn’t work properly.