New energy list (EIA Energy Investment Allowance) has been published

Jan 13, 2022
End of December 2021 the new energy investment allowance list (Energielijst 2022) was published. What has changed in comparison to 2021? Let us shortly explain the details. Please refer to the official list that can be found on the website of RvO “Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland”.


  • For LED luminaires there was only a requirement for lifetime in 2021. The requirement of L90B50 = 50.000h or better has not been changed. There has been added a new requirement for minimum efficacy for LED lighting systems. In the new energy list of 2022 the efficacy of a LED lighting system needs to be at least 125 lm/W.
  • For theater lighting systems nothing has changed.
  • For horticulture the requirements have been increased to a higher efficacy level. Now luminaires with integrated light source will have to generate 2,50 micromol photons per second per Watt. This is an increase from 2,20 micromol photons per second per Watt.


  • For LED lighting systems this does have a significant effect on testing. Instead of only a lifetime evaluation of the system also the efficacy must be determined. For products where you already have a test report from DEKRA issued in 2021, according to the EIA rules you now have to add an additional report for the efficacy of the system.
  • For new applications we can of course create a full new report containing the full specification set. The consequences of the change also have a significant impact on the scope of testing for families. The good news is that families still can be created although a bit more complex.
  • For horticulture the reports remain useable although you need to check if your product is still able to achieve the required efficacy. If not, the product needs to be updated or the Investment Allowance is not applicable anymore.

How can we help?

DEKRA offers the testing as required for the EIA allowance. If you need a quote for an additional test or a new product please contact us for more details.