Lighting products enter into DEKRA’s scope for Energy Efficiency Certification in Latin America

Jul 07, 2020 Digital & Product Solutions

DEKRA is now accredited to certify Energy Efficiency of lighting products, lighting fluorescent reactors and LED lighting products for Colombia and Peru markets.

DEKRA has recently been accredited by the Brazilian accreditation body CGCRE (INMETRO) to certify lighting products, lighting fluorescent reactors and LED lighting products for domestic and general usage according to the Energy Efficiency (EE) requirements of Colombia and Peru.
The aim of efficient energy is to reduce the amount of energy required to use products and services. In lighting, it means a LED bulb will use less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb to provide light, which also involves reducing costs and environmental damage. These goals are reinforced by governments by implementing different mandatory regulations for the import, commercialization and or use of more energy efficient product.
In Latin America, countries as Colombia and Peru have developed and implemented their own Energy Efficiency certification schemes as well as technical regulations to ensure the performance of products imported comply with the essential energy consumption requirements. The EE certification is mandatory and it needs to be issued by an accredited Certification Body. When all the requirements of the EE Mark scheme are met, the electrical equipment placed on the market shall bear the EE label.
DEKRA is proud of being granted by INMETRO to add lighting devices for Energy Efficiency certification schemes to its service portfolio in Colombia and Peru. INMETRO, as member of the International Accreditation Forum and well-accepted in Latin American countries, is responsible to accredit independent laboratories to provide certifications in Latin America.
In addition to lighting products, DEKRA is also accredited to certify in Peru and Colombia other types of devices shown in the following table:
In other Latin American countries like Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador and Panama, DEKRA is authorized as well to certify refrigerators, freezers, dryers, washing machines and air conditioners following the Energy Efficiency requirements of each country.
DEKRA performs testing and accreditations for the EE label across multiple continents in its aims to optimally support manufactures and importers to attain the required certification.