Lead Transformation Program

Improving your lead generation and lead management skills to drive more opportunities into your business.

Lead generation is the first step to a successful sales business. But do you know what good looks like, and can you be confident your business is doing as well as it could? However, when your business gets a new lead, how well it is managed will often determine if that lead will turn into a sale. This program ensures that both generation and management of leads are as effective as possible.

Your benefits:

  • Increased number of new customer leads
  • Improved lead to appointment conversion rates
  • Higher customer satisfaction scores
  • Increased sales volumes
  • A high return on the program investment
Lead Generation:
Your network’s ability to be able to generate and manage their leads as skillfully as possible has a direct link to the success of their sales. However, are your dealers being as effective as they could be? Does your network understand how their leads are generated, how to engage with their marketing plans, how to measure those plans, and how to challenge results effectively? What does success look like when engaging with social media, putting marketing campaigns in place, or just ensuring that their digital search is as effective as possible?
Lead Management:
When it comes to lead management, your dealers should have a much better understanding about what good looks like. However, how well does the network do when trying to consistently achieve or exceed these measures? Your dealer teams may not even recognise that they are not being as effective as they could be. Do they recognise the importance of their speed of response, or the quality of their response, or the need to have a clear call to action? Are they aware of how they perform in the key lead management KPIs and what good looks like?
Many dealers forget the importance that the telephone lead still has in the conversion of customer leads. Many customers engage online today, but there is still a large proportion that will pick up the phone and call a dealership to make an enquiry. With dealer visit conversion rates standing at almost 2:1 today, a simple increase in appointment rates from a telephone enquiry will lead directly to a significant increase in sales.
Lead Transformation:
This program has been developed to help dealers identify the gaps in their lead generation and management capabilities. It then provides the required support needed to close those gaps so that a dealer can be confident they are managing their leads as effectively as possible and maximizing their sales potential as a result.


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