Lead management

Capture consumers as early as possible during the purchasing process. Understand their needs and intentions. Send the lead, with the updated information, to the sales advisors so they can convert the potential buyer into sales.

Potential buyer who needs to be contacted.
Lead management

Why does Lead management exist?

Carmakers want to meet customer needs. Customers might want to get in touch with the brand or dealers at any moment. Some customers and prospects might need to be contacted about their purchasing project. A switch must be made from a Push strategy to a Pull strategy.
At the same time, dealers do not have the tools or the possibility to be available all the time. DEKRA’s lead centers can manage these calls, guide and nurture customers until the lead becomes a useful contact to be sent to the dealers’ sales advisors.

Your benefits:

  • Provide full time available staff to answer the customer and guide him or her with in their needs avoiding losing potential leads.
  • Receipt and manage the leads quickly
  • Generate and qualify leads and potential buyers (Lead qualification, identify fleet size, future needs, update data base)
  • Professionalize dealerships in processing their leads (On-field coach approach)

Our services cover:

  • Centralize & qualify leads in the Lead Centre (degree of appetite for the product and position in the purchasing cycle), transfers them to the sales teams and monitor the quality of client request handling
  • Steer the lead center activity, monitor matrix, qualify criterion
  • Design call reception script and e-mail dispatch script
  • Organize matrix of the contact form sent to the point of sale and tracing the lead
  • Provide regular analysis per dealer


DEKRA will

  • Pool call-center management: telephone and e-mail reception platform capable of handling 100% of the leads. (almost 90% of the leads immediately, depending on opening hours).
  • Supply profiles with dual telephone and sales experience capable of qualifying the lead and developing a partnership with distributors and their salespeople.

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