ISO 46001 Certification Audit

Supporting Efficient Water Management

A growing global concern, water scarcity places organizations under steadily increasing pressure to adopt sustainable water management practices designed to enhance efficient usage and reduce consumption. ISO 46001 provides a comprehensive framework of requirements and guidelines helping companies to periodically evaluate the performance of their water efficiency management systems.

Covering a wide spectrum of aspects including monitoring, measurement, documentation, reporting, equipment and system design, procurements practices and the training of personnel, the standard is universally applicable to any company or organization using water, regardless of size or sector. Make sure you are effectively managing water usage to your advantage!

DEKRA Auditing for ISO 46001 Certification

We at DEKRA have a deep understanding of the environmental regulations with which you as a company need to comply, as well as the challenges you might face in meeting your obligations and sustainability goals. Our comprehensive audit provides you documentation for ultimate ISO 46001 certification of your water efficiency management system.
Taking a holistic approach, we assess your water efficiency management system according to the ISO 46001 standard with thorough examination of your company’s water usage patterns, efficiency measures and management practices. DEKRA experts help you identify areas of strength and recognize opportunities for improvement. We help to ensure you are compliant with ISO 46001 requirements and operating in a sustainable, environmentally responsible manner.
Achieving ISO 46001 certification not only demonstrates your commitment to responsible water management but also contributes to environmental sustainability and operational cost savings.
Show investors, consumers, the community and other stakeholders tangible results with our audit!
    1. Information and preliminary audit (optional)
      Informative introductory meeting
    2. Documentation review
      Preparation for certification including document review
    3. Certification audit
      Our auditors check your water efficiency management system on site
    4. Audit Report and Certification
      You will receive your ISO 46001 water efficiency audit report and certification
    5. Regular monitoring audits
      Annual monitoring to ensure proper implementation of requirements in practice
    6. Re-certification
      Certification renewal every three years.

    Why DEKRA?

    • Our team of international specialists provides you the expertise you can rely on for ISO 46001 certification of your water efficiency management system.
    • We tailor our approach to your individual needs always considering your unique water reduction goals and objectives.
    • Our comprehensive audit according to ISO 46001 ensures your compliance to the standard as well as the proper implementation of sustainable operational practices.
    • We conduct comprehensive assessment providing you the insight you need to implement meaningful changes for lasting impact on people, the planet and your bottom line.