GMP+ Certification for Animal Feed

High safety standards for feed production chains with a GMP+ certificate

The feed industry is an important part of the food chain since what animals eat plays a crucial role in the safety and quality of the food, we derive from them. The GMP+ certification system is precisely tailored to the animal feed industry.

It monitors the entire feed production chain, from the raw material producer to the transport company and livestock farming. We have many years of experience in the feed industry and can support you with our expertise in the GMP+ FSA and GMP+ FRA certification process.

About GMP+ certification

The standard for animal feed production was initially developed as a national regulatory framework in the Netherlands at the beginning of the 1990s. It formed the basis of the international GMP+ Feed Certification Scheme for safe animal feed. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices and the plus sign indicates the integration of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). The first standard for feed sustainability was developed in 2013. GMP+ now consists of two modules: Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) and Feed Responsibility Assurance (FRA).
We offer certification according to GMP+ FSA and GMP+ FRA for the following areas:
  • GMP+ B 1 and GMP B 1.2: Manufacture, trade and services
  • GMP+ B 2: Production of feed ingredients
  • GMP+ B 3: Trade, collection, storage and transshipment
  • GMP+ B 4: Road and rail transport and chartering
  • GMP+ B 4.3: Code of hygiene for inland navigation
  • GMP+ B 8: Manufacture of and trade in petfood products
  • GMP+ BCN CEE: Additional requirements for Central and Eastern Europe
  • GMP+ BCN QM: Milk
  • GMP+ FRA
Certification procedure according to the GMP+ Feed Certification Scheme
  1. Information and pre-audit (optional)
    Clarification of open questions and determination of next steps, project discussion on site or optional pre-audit
  2. On-site certification
    Document verification as well as verification of your GMP system and the implementation of your documented statements in day-to-day business
  3. Audit report
    Results of our evaluation, and, in case of discrepancies, indication of optimization potential and post-evaluation, if necessary
  4. Certificate and seal
    After successfully completion of the certification process, conferral of certificate and the DEKRA test seal.
  5. First surveillance audit
    Every 12 months, a surveillance audit is carried out to check compliance with the guidelines
  6. Second surveillance audit
    Re-examination after another 12 months
  7. Recertification
    Within three years, steps 2 to 6 are repeated in the recertification audit.

Gain from our expertise

  • We are experts in the feed industry.
  • We have many years of experience supporting companies involved in the feed chain.
  • We specialize in customized solutions and combined accreditations, including certifications in quality management (ISO 9001) and food safety (ISO 22000).