Fire Protection and Ventilation-old

Comprehensive fire protection conformity testing to ensure building safety and compliance

DEKRA offers a professional and expert fire protection conformity service covering all aspects of building safety. Our experts can work with you from the earliest planning stages to ensure compliance, detect errors and minimize costs.

DEKRA’s experts provide architects, planners, manufacturers, operators and owners comprehensive, forward-looking and customized support, to ensure they are fulfilling all the necessary safety and legal obligations. We can work with you from the earliest planning stages to ensure that your project meets all legal fire safety requirements. During construction, our experts ensure that any building technology faults or defects are detected at an early stage and that costs are minimized. DEKRA fire protection experts provide support in the areas of technical building equipment, ventilation, air-conditioning and electrical systems.
Whatever the size of your building and wherever it is located, our global team of fire protection specialists can work with you to ensure that it is safe and conforms to all applicable regulations and legal requirements. We have decades of experience in this area and all our experts are accredited by the relevant building authorities for the countries we serve.
  • Inspection in accordance with applicable standards & laws
  • Support in achieving regulatory and legal conformity
  • Pre-commissioning and routine testing services
    DEKRA’s fire protection and electrical experts are accredited by all relevant authorities to carry out tests before the commissioning of a building, as well as providing ongoing or recurrent building inspections and tests.
    DEKRA services in the field of fire protection:
    • Consulting for planners and building owners
    • Drawing & Evaluating the concept of detection & fire protection for new buildings and by modification of use
    • Design review and Inspection of detection & alarm systems
    • Testing of installed smoke & fire detectors
    • Inspection of the conformity of voice alarm systems in venues, theatres, or stadiums
    DEKRA`s electrical experts also are accredited for design review & inspection of safety power supply and safety lightning of buildings under building code. DEKRA also offers any type of electrical inspection for installations, stationary or non-stationary equipment as well as for solar installations and wind turbines.