Fire Prevention Officer

Optimal fire safety with our dedicated fire protection experts

Fire prevention is a concern in any company, and fire safety measures are often required by law, by insurers or by other stakeholders. Since fire risks vary widely among industries, and solutions are often dependent on the size of the company, its location and other specific details, a cookie-cutter fire safety plan is unrealistic.

We provide external, customized expertise in the form of a fire prevention officer who can advise you on topics related to fire safety while keeping in mind your particular needs and capacities. Our fire protection expert keeps you informed on every aspect of fire risk management, both from a structural and an organizational perspective.

Your Benefits

  • Compliance with fire safety regulations
  • Compliance with insurance requirements
  • Effective fire protection for people, property and the environment

Our Approach

We assign your organization a fire prevention officer whose duty is to keep those responsible for fire safety in your company well informed. The officer provides advice about the relative risks as well as the available prevention methods and most effective protection measures. They consider both structural as well as organizational dangers and solutions and are responsible for educating the workforce about preventive behaviors and emergency procedures.


  • We have a track record in fire safety backed by our reputation.
  • We offer a comprehensive safety portfolio for fire protection, fire risk management and beyond.
  • We possess extensive expertise with a team of specialists who bring passion to safety solutions.