EV Sales Performance Improvement

Excellence in EV sales with blended coaching solutions

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are growing in popularity and rapidly becoming an integral part of modern life. To encourage these trends and boost EV sales, OEMs need knowledgeable sales teams who understand the product and can competently address customer questions and concerns.

While EVs are becoming more popular with both business customers and individuals each year, sales could accelerate faster with the right approach. Potential buyers, whether they are building an electric fleet for their company or upgrading a private vehicle, have questions about charging and maintenance, aftersales support and repairs, economic efficiency and day-to-day use. Skillful sales staff knowledgeable about the product and its benefits can respond effectively to these concerns and help ease the transition to electric for businesses and individuals.
DEKRA’s Advanced Blended Coaching (ABC) methodology, a tool designed with the automotive sector in mind, offers just the right mixture of training, coaching, self-learning and more to help your sales team excel with electric vehicles.

Your Benefits

  • Educate your team about EVs and equip them with expert EV knowledge and sales skills
  • Create a competent, enthusiastic sales team able to advocate effectively for EVs
  • Save time and money with virtual learning integrated into participants’ daily routine
  • Achieve an excellent ROI with sustainable EV sales improvement

Our Approach

Our comprehensive coaching for EV sales addresses each stage in the sales process, starting with prospecting and greeting potential customers, whether they are businesses interested in building an electric fleet or private individuals. Our coaches provide support and advice to hone the sales staff’s presentation and negotiation skills and to improve the customer experience right through vehicle delivery and follow-up.
Each training session provides participants with expert insights and information about electric vehicles, from technology and the EV market to operation and maintenance.
Topics include:
  • Why EV? The aim here is to understand the rationale for transitioning to electric vehicles, taking into account climate change, air quality, financial and operational benefits and more. Upon completion, participants are equipped to advocate for EVs and convince the skeptics.
  • Background to the EV market: This session identifies the key drivers behind the transition to EV and its evolution globally and locally. Participants learn about market projections, governmental goals and regulations, legislation and incentives so that they can communicate confidently with inquisitive customers and provide them with solid advice.
  • EV technologies: Understanding the various technologies and the benefits and drawbacks of each is the goal here. From hybrids, to pure EVs and fuel cell EVs, participants learn about the full range of electric vehicles, as well as the phrases and acronyms associated with them, so that they can explain what’s available to customers and make knowledgeable recommendations.
  • Driving an EV: Participants gain first-hand experience of the benefits of driving an EV. This is essential for sales staff to be able to enthusiastically describe what it’s like to pilot an EV, including driving modes and range optimization.
  • Charging an EV: The charging solutions for each vehicle type are thoroughly covered, so that sales staff can inform customers about their options as well as any applicable government grants or incentives. Participants will be able to speak confidently about home and public charging stations, rapid and ultra-rapid charging as well as help buyers take advantage of grants or incentives.
  • Overcoming objections: This session outlines possible customer concerns and trains salespeople on how to respond effectively. Some of the issues addressed are anxieties about range and charging, battery durability, repair costs and safety.
Our EV coaching solutions feature the DEKRA ABC (Advanced Blended Coaching), a powerful methodology for sales performance improvement. This blend of modules and modalities is customizable and suited for both retail and fleet sales. DEKRA ABC enables individualized solutions that start with assessments and diagnostics, and combine face-to-face and virtual sessions, group and one-on-one instruction, e-learning/self-learning and digital tracking. The methodology adapts to participants’ progress and its virtual component keeps your team engaged with frequent check-ins.


  • We are experienced, long-standing partners to leaders in the automotive industry.
  • We have EV expertise and innovative tools for sharing it with our clients.
  • We specialize in customized coaching and training solutions for global OEMs and distributors.
DEKRA EV Customer Experience Improvement Program
This program has been developed to help dealers identify the gaps in their EV customer experience offer and provide the required support needed to close those gaps so that a dealer be confident that a customer will receive a high and consistent Electric Vehicle dealer experience.