Essentials about DEKRA Mark

Nov 09, 2022 Digital & Product Solutions

Discover the key details on the DEKRA’s international certification mark for product safety.

We live in an innovative world where technological developments are increasing and determining our way of living. But some things never change, like the importance of safety in our lives. At DEKRA, we have played a key role in safety for almost a century, contributing to a more safe, secure and sustainable world. Now, we bring you DEKRA Mark: the international certification mark that ensures product safety, now and in the future. With DEKRA Mark, you will prove and show the world your product’s safety is recognized by the hero safety mark of one of the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification organizations. DEKRA is dedicated to help you comply with the latest safety requirements and regulations and introduce your product to international markets.
Your gateway to global market access
DEKRA Mark demonstrates your product has been thoroughly tested and meets all required safety standards. It is based on internationally accepted standards, so it’s the perfect passport for your product to reach worldwide markets. In addition, DEKRA Mark offers the most comprehensive certification process to ensure product safety. Find out how DEKRA Mark can benefit you:
  • Made for safety: Safety standards are the foundation for a DEKRA Mark certification, which means that a type test is required. DEKRA Mark is a Type 5 Certification Scheme and is based on IEC and/or EN safety standards, which gives you an international outlook and hassle-free market access in IEC and EN countries.
  • Flexible testing solutions: We offer a Modular Testing Program, where you will find a suitable approach for the type testing requirements of your products. From full testing in DEKRA labs, testing at your test facilities executed by DEKRA staff, full witnessed testing, to witnessed testing as part of a test program. Besides, the testing performed to obtain the DEKRA Mark can be used as a base for more certification schemes.
  • Use of DEKRA CheckMe database: Direct and easy access to the DEKRA Certified Product Register via the DEKRA Mark QR code or by simply entering the unique number on the website. Anyone can scan the code or enter the number in the online DEKRA Certified Product Register and will then be led to the page with detailed information about the product.
  • Easier access to international markets: With our state-of-the-art facilities across the globe, DEKRA has everything necessary to test, inspect and certify your products in line with the most common safety requirements. Since the new DEKRA Mark supports both IEC and EN safety standards, you can gain trouble-free access to countries that accept these standards.
  • Powered by DEKRA: DEKRA Mark is endorsed by an internationally renowned, respected and independent 3rd party organization like DEKRA. DEKRA Mark has been officially accredited by the RvA, which is appointed by the Dutch government as the national accreditation body based on European Regulation 765/2008.
And there is still an additional benefit to consider. By certifying your product with DEKRA Mark, you will prove you care about your customers. They will know your product has been thoughtfully tested and its safety is guaranteed by a quality international certification mark issued by DEKRA.
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