Dynamic Risk Register

Dynamic scenario-driven information for an effective risk management

Most process plants use Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) to assess potential dangers, thus helping them protect employees, assets and the natural environment. PHAs are resource-hungry exercises and, unfortunately, full potential is not always realized. The DEKRA Dynamic Risk Register (DRR) allows you to easily extract process safety insights from existing PHA data so you can better manage any challenge.

Your Benefits
  • Gain risk-based support for operational decision making
  • Obtain a user-friendly interface (easy-to-understand charts and tables) to PHA data
  • Maintain a real-time rendering of your operational facility for actual risk condition
  • Easily access information linked to relevant scenarios and equipment
  • Quickly and reliably extract PHA information from traditional and digital formats
  • Protect employees, assets and the environment in which you operate
Our Approach
Protecting personnel, maintaining company assets, safeguarding environmental integrity and ensuring the well-being of the community in which you operate relies on robust process safety measures and effective risk management. A Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) gathers a large volume of data, often resulting in reports hundreds of pages long identifying potential dangers and determining the efficacy of your safety barriers. Unfortunately, the full potential of this data is seldom realized, as the typical PHA report is far from user-friendly. The DEKRA Dynamic Risk Register (DRR) allows for quick and easy extraction of insights from this data so you can:
  • Obtain answers to operational decision-making questions, such as:
o Rate the contribution a single specific safeguard makes to broader risk reduction
o Assess risk conditions due to maintenance, calibration, assets out of service
o Calculate the percentage of risk due to human error, equipment failure and external events
o Evaluate risk reduction provided by safeguards such as administrative procedures and process interlocks
  • Compare risk map to peer plants as to type, technology and geographical location
Easy-to-understand dashboards for quick and easy reference
Our Dynamic Risk Register can be used in both traditional and new-generation digital PHA formats to compute changing daily input to constantly update the actual risk condition of the plant at any given moment. Scenario-related statistics are depicted in easy-to-understand charts and tables. Providing an additional user-friendly interface, DRR can be used to lay color-coded consequence or risk levels over engineering diagrams and layout drawings. Each graphic is linked to the unique list of scenarios relevant to every individual piece of equipment to ensure easy access to the information you need to ensure your facility is running at the lowest possible level of risk.
  • Our process safety experts support your HAZOP efforts designed to reduce risk.
  • The Dynamic Risk Register helps you effectively manage large volumes of HAZOP data.
  • We provide the digital application you need to access reliable real-time data analytics.