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DEKRA Used Car Report

The DEKRA used car report has been established for over ten years and it has proven itself to be an important reference guide for potential used car buyers. The evaluation of the general inspection results concerning typical deficiencies of individual vehicle models with regard to mileage as well as comparison within their vehicle class provided a specific guideline for deciding in favor of or against a particular model on the used car market.

However, the quality of the assessments contained in the report hinges on the validity of the data from the general inspection evaluation. This validity is increasingly—for newer vehicles in particular—influenced by manufacturers’ or workshop programs for pre-repair with the objective of defect-free test reports.

In recent years, DEKRA had already responded to this and has adapted the system used for the used car report several times. As a result, the “Newcomer” category was introduced for the first time in 2015. In this category, vehicle models that were less than three years old were taken out of the ranking and assessed only to a limited extent. In 2017, we then changed how the winners in the vehicle classes were determined. Since then, a vehicle model could win in a class only if it scored well in three mileage categories up to 150,000 km.

Despite these efforts, we had to conclude that the validity of the evaluation data no longer completely meets DEKRA’s standards as an expert organization when it comes to comparing individual vehicle models. The way that various vehicle manufacturers and their workshop networks handle vehicles in preparation for the general inspection varies too much. As it currently stands, statements on the quality of the vehicle cannot be separated clearly enough from the quality of the workshop.

For this reason, DEKRA has decided to no longer publish the used car report in its familiar form.

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