DEKRA’s TACS4 BEST platform validated to test Bluetooth 5.1 wireless technology

Nov 17, 2020
  • Bluetooth SIG has validated the complete set of test cases for Bluetooth 5.1 performed by DEKRA.
  • DEKRA's TACS4 BEST platform is one of the first test systems with Bluetooth 5.1 test cases available for vendors and customers.
DEKRA's platform TACS4 BEST has been fully validated by Bluetooth SIG to perform Bluetooth® 5.1 wireless technology testing. Bluetooth SIG recently completed the validation activities of Bluetooth 5.1 radiofrequency test cases implemented by DEKRA in its platform. With this approval, the TACS4 BEST platform designed and developed by DEKRA is one of the first test systems with Bluetooth 5.1 test cases available for vendors and customers.
“DEKRA is really excited to announce the new extension of our TACS4 BEST test platform coverage by adding the latest Bluetooth 5.1 capabilities. It will allow us to strengthen and maintain our leading position as testing and certification provider for all versions of Bluetooth wireless technology”, said Alejandro Torrecilla, Telecom Laboratory Director at DEKRA Testing and Certification, S.A.U.
Bluetooth 5.1 wireless technology is the evolution of the well-established Bluetooth 5, that opens new opportunities, applications and markets for the technology. Bluetooth 5.1 adds relevant new features as direction finding, improvements on connection advertising and better caching mechanisms that improve the connection speed and lowers the power usage. expanding the possibilities for this technology. It also includes a new radiofrequency physical layer (RF-PHY) to test the specification 5.1.1, which adds testing capabilities for the Bluetooth Direction Finding features by defining 23 new test cases based on Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD) measurements. All test cases have been implemented in the TACS4 BEST test platform.
TACS4 BEST platform is a system to perform the entire conformance test cases for Bluetooth's radiofrequency (RF) and radiofrequency physical layer (RF-PHY). Designed and developed by DEKRA, it has a modular software and hardware architecture in a single rack configuration, and a testing control software with an intuitive graphical interface. TACS4 BEST possesses an automatic test cases campaign execution, with multiple test cases specific parameters customization and internal RF paths calibrations routines for automated paths loss compensation, among many other features. TACS4 BEST is officially recognized and validated by Bluetooth SIG.