DEKRA recognized as the first NESAS Security Test Laboratory in Europe to perform security evaluations of 5G network products

Dec 21, 2020

The GSMA organization accredits DEKRA to evaluate network products against NESAS Security Assurance Specifications (SCAS).

DEKRA has been recognized by the mobile ecosystem standards organization GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications), as a NESAS Security Test Laboratory. With this accreditation, DEKRA is the first laboratory in Europe accredited to evaluate against the NESAS Security Assurance Specifications (SCAS). This security assurance scheme aims to meet security requirements in network products such as base stations and core network components. These requirements are defined by the GSMA and the mobile telecommunications standards organizations named 3GPP. The first 3GPP SCAS security evaluation has already been completed by DEKRA on 5G and LTE network products.
"We are very proud to be a NESAS Security Test Laboratory. The GSMA security programs are underlining DEKRA’s strategy to continue offering our customers innovative security services for mobile technologies such as 5G. We will keep expanding our security evaluations services to meet the growing market demands", says Fernando E. Hardasmal, Executive Vice President and Head of Service Division Product Testing at DEKRA.
NESAS, the Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme, provides an industry-wide security assurance framework, with different requirements and test cases, to facilitate improvement in security across the mobile industry. It was defined by the GSMA and the 3GPP. The GSMA, or Global System for Mobile Communications, is an organization formed by mobile operators and mobile ecosystem companies with the aim of achieving standardization and interoperability for the new mobile technologies worldwide. The 3GPP, or 3rd Generation Partnership Project, is a group of standards organizations that develop protocols for mobile telecommunications. NESAS is intended to be used alongside other mechanisms to ensure a network is secure, in particular an appropriate set of security policies covering the whole lifecycle of a network.
DEKRA’s scope as a NESAS Test Laboratory includes security requirements for 5G and LTE networks and network elements. DEKRA’s laboratory in Spain, is the first laboratory offering these new security evaluations services.
“NESAS accreditation allows us to be aligned with the future EU security certification schemes for 5G networks, within the framework of the EU Cybersecurity Act. Furthermore, we are very excited that DEKRA has recently become a GSMA member, since this provides us a great opportunity to contribute and influence the outcomes of NESAS security work on a wide range of topics”, says Jose Emilio Rico, Director of the Cybersecurity Division of DEKRA Testing and Certification in Malaga.
DEKRA also offers a full portfolio of cyber security services covering consumer IoT devices, ICT, industrial, medical and automotive markets.