New unique DEKRA Market Access Database website launched

Feb 19, 2020 Digital & Product Solutions

Navigating the regulatory landscape of global markets can be a complex and challenging task, as the requirements differ from country to country and frequently change.

To help customers meet these challenges, DEKRA has launched the new “Global Market Access Database” website, which contains information regarding the regulatory requirements for electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), wireless devices and energy efficiency. The database includes over 70 countries and regions worldwide as well as relevant news items. More countries will be added gradually to cover the increasing demand for this service. The database is now an integral part of the existing publicly accessible DEKRA homepage.
The novelty of the database is that the detailed information on the webpage is automatically uploaded from DEKRA’s internal knowledge management database, which is continuously updated by the regulatory experts of DEKRA around the world. This allows the changes to be implemented fast and the contents to be valid.
Visitors of the website can search the database by using the search function to select the country or region of interest and receive the respective information concerning the requirements for electrical safety, EMC, energy efficiency and wireless devices. The webpage creates automatically a brief summary based on the given input. Not only regulatory data is shown, but also how DEKRA can help customers meet the regulatory requirements and gain access to the requested country. To make it easy to contact DEKRA for more detailed information and a complete solution, direct details of the local DEKRA Global Market Access offices are provided.