DEKRA extends vehicle lighting certification scope to reflect new UN regulations

Mar 17, 2020

Up until recently, manufacturers of automotive lighting were required to comply with dozens of different UN regulations in order to obtain type approval for their products. Now, however, consolidation into three new UN regulations has greatly simplified the situation. DEKRA has amended its designation scope accordingly, and can continue to test and certify for these new regulations – both in Europe through the Dutch RDW and the German KBA approval authorities, and elsewhere across the globe.

Since 15 November 2019, dozens of existing regulations relating to vehicle lighting have been consolidated into three new UN regulations: No. 148 for light signaling devices, No. 149 for road illumination devices and No. 150 for retro-reflective devices. A two-year transition period is currently in place to give manufacturers sufficient time to make the necessary adjustments, such as to prepare their production tooling for new approval markings. This means it is still possible for new certificates to be issued in accordance with the old UN regulations up until 15 November 2021. However, because the new regulations came into immediate effect in 2019, DEKRA has already extended its designation scope for the UN regulations No. 148, 149 and 150.
Approvals granted according to UN (formerly ECE) in one country are valid in all countries that have adopted that particular regulation. This can often amount to more than 50 countries around the world, especially in Europe. For these countries, DEKRA is officially designated by the relevant approval authorities in the Netherlands (RDW) and Germany (KBA). This greatly simplifies the Conformity of Production (CoP) assessment and registration procedure for DEKRA’s customers in the automotive sector who already work with KBA or RDW, saving them valuable time and money. The same holds true outside of Europe, where DEKRA can support manufacturers with product testing and certification for markets including the USA, India and Taiwan. As a result, depending on their needs, DEKRA’s customers can start multiple automotive lighting approval projects for markets around the world with just one testing party.
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