Services for Apple Car Key

DEKRA expands its scope and locations as an MFi Authorized Test Laboratory for Car Key

May 05, 2023 Cyber Security / Product Safety

From now on, DEKRA can also provide testing services for sensors, systems and vehicles supporting Apple’s Car Keys feature through NFC, Ultra-Wide Band or Bluetooth technologies. DEKRA extends its services as a MFi (Made For iPhone) Authorized Test Laboratory by increasing its scope and introducing new laboratory locations.

DEKRA was already authorized to offer third-party audits, pre-testing and advisory services for Apple's Car Key functionality, services provided from its laboratories in the United States, Spain and Mainland China. DEKRA adds Germany to these locations, and includes to its scope testing services for sensors, systems and vehicles supporting Apple’s Car Keys feature, and using Near Field Communications (NFC), Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) or Bluetooth technologies.
Apple Car Key allows to add car keys to the Wallet app to use a phone or watch to lock, unlock and start a car. To make these functionalities possible, several wireless technologies are involved to enable communication between the device and the vehicle, such as NFC, Ultra-wideband and Bluetooth. All these technologies need to be evaluated and verified in all in-vehicle devices from functional, connectivity performance and user experience perspectives. DEKRA, as a MFi Authorized Test Lab, can support manufacturers in evaluating their products and proving they meet the MFi program requirements.
"DEKRA is proud to extend its capabilities to the MFi program and to make available global support for our customers through this program and other services like NFC Forum Certification, Regulatory testing (EMC & RF, Safety), Global Market Access and Automotive Homologation. DEKRA is also a core member of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC). All this puts DEKRA in a unique position, offering a comprehensive solution for partners integrating Car Keys technology," says Eric Yu, Senior Director Connectivity of Digital & Product Solutions at DEKRA.
DEKRA provides other services for Apple's MFi program and is also a MFi Authorized Test Lab for the CarPlay program in South Korea and Taiwan, performing CarPlay location drive and wireless performance services.
In addition, DEKRA offers an extensive service portfolio for many other technologies such as WiFi, LoRa, Zigbee, Radar, LiDAR, V2X, MATTER, THREAD and Mobile Communications as well as cybersecurity and product safety testing and certification.