DEKRA congrats DEKRA CTF winners and thanks all participants

Feb 08, 2022
DEKRA announces DEKRA CTF 2º edition winners and plans the next edition of its cybersecurity challenge.
The second edition of DEKRA CTF successfully concluded last January, 30, after 48 hours of competition. Many cybersecurity lovers participated in this event organized by DEKRA to boost cybersecurity and identify talented profiles. DEKRA thanks all participants who took part in it, giving their best to demonstrate their skills in solving exigent cybersecurity challenges of reverse engineering, exploiting, web hacking, IoT and AI.
DEKRA is also delighted to announce the winners of DEKRA CTF 2º edition: Julián Menéndez (1st place), Gonzalo Jiménez (2nd place) and Manuel López (3rd place). DEKRA congrats them for their exceptional ability in resolving the challenges, that was proof of their talent and knowledge in cybersecurity. They will be awarded a prize of 1000 €, 500 € and 300 €, respectively.
A special thanks, as well, to Daniel Púa and Jorge Rosillo, who kindly collaborated to design two web hacking challenges for the DEKRA CTF. And also, to all DEKRA teams involved in the event organization.
DEKRA has already started to plan the next edition of DEKRA CTF, which will include new and more defiant cybersecurity challenges to put the participants' skills to the test. But it also will bring a lot of fun and opportunities to learn on new topics to cybersecurity. Keep posted via our channels!