DEKRA authorised to certify Wi-Fi 7 products, starts hand in hand with Sagemcom

Jan 17, 2024 Digital & Product Solutions
DEKRA is recognised as an Authorised tTest Laboratory (ATL) by the Wi-Fi Alliance to certify Wi-Fi 7 devices.
Sagemcom becomes the first company to certify a Broadband Operator’s Home Gateway under the Wi-Fi 7 certification program, becoming also the first Wi-Fi 7 product certified at DEKRA Spain laboratory.
DEKRA expands its scope as a Wi-Fi Alliance © authorised test laboratory (ATL) by integrating now within its services, the certification of devices under the Wi-Fi7 certification program. This distinction positions DEKRA as the first and currently the only laboratory in Europe to be accredited to perform Wi-Fi 7 certifications.
"Wi-Fi 7 will bring major improvements in user experience, on the basis of significantly higher speeds, reduced latency and improved reliability. This will enable the development of a wide range of innovative applications", explained Lourdes Sanchez, Director of Connectivity at DEKRA Testing and Certification S.A.U.
"This is why we are pleased to be the first laboratory in Europe to be accredited to certify Wi-Fi 7 products. This milestone reflects our agility to incorporate new services, and shows DEKRA commitment to innovation", she added.
Additionally, DEKRA has passed the specific WPA3 qualification, a crucial element in the certification of Wi-Fi 7 devices. This requirement, which includes advanced security measures such as AKM 25 and Beacon Protection, ensures that Wi-Fi 7 devices meet the most stringent security standards. In this regard, the inclusion of WPA3 in Wi-Fi 7 certification strengthens protection against cyber threats and ensures a secure and reliable connection, an essential aspect in the increasing reliance on wireless connectivity in our daily and professional lives.
Sagemcom: the first company to certify products under the Wi-Fi 7 programme with DEKRA
Sagemcom have signed an agreement with DEKRA to be the first to certify their products with Wi-Fi 7 in DEKRA's laboratories in Malaga. This is a major milestone in the commitment to quality and security of connectivity of both companies.
Sagemcom's market leadership is driven by a strategic focus on innovation, efficient industrial practices, and a longstanding commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Working in close cooperation with chipset and technology vendors and industrial partners allows to anticipate and be the first to integrate new technological breakthrough.
As a result of this strategy, Sagemcom achieved milestones of being CPE market leader in reaching first both Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E certification on home gateways dedicated to operators markets the past years.
Today, Sagemcom takes pride in being the first to achieve Wi-Fi 7 certification on a broadband operator’s home gateway.
The F@st 5698 is part of the latest generation of XGS-PON Home Gateway designed for Consumers that delivers up to 10Gbps throughput to fiber households. With the integration of cutting-edge Wi-Fi 7 technology, this capacity is effectively distributed within the local home network, achieving unprecedented low latency and high stability.
Wi-Fi 7: driving the next level of the future of connectivity across home, enterprise, and industrial environments
Wi-Fi 7 is distinguished by advanced features such as 320 MHz channels that enable unprecedented data rates, improving performance in data-intensive applications. Wi-Fi 7's Multi-Link Operation (MLO) technology combines different channels across frequency bands simultaneously, optimising spectrum efficiency and resilience against interference. This is crucial in environments with high device density, especially in sectors such as: automotive, Industrial IoT, hybrid/remote work, Gaming and Streaming.
Wi-Fi 7's 4K QAM and MCS 13 technologies enable denser modulation and higher spectral efficiency, resulting in faster and more efficient data throughput. In addition, support for up to 16 spatial streams in Wi-Fi 7 substantially increases data throughput, optimising communications in high user density environments.
DEKRA remains committed to innovation and excellence by supporting manufacturers in adapting to the demands of the technology market such as Wi-Fi 7. In addition, DEKRA continues to offer services for other Wi-Fi Alliance certification programs included in its scope as an Authorised Testing Laboratory (ATL), such as Wi-Fi 4, Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E.