DEKRA Brazil accredited by CGCRE (INMETRO) to test electrical appliances for the domestic market

Feb 28, 2023

DEKRA Brazil is proud to receive the INMETRO accreditation

DEKRA Brazil has been accredited by General Accreditation Coordination of INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology) to test home appliances (for example, dryers, flat irons and blenders), IT products, audio and video products and equipment used in hazardous locations (valve actuators, motors, flow meters, gas analyzers, weighing scales, purged control rooms). This accreditation complements DEKRA’s global service portfolio to support local and international manufacturers. It also strengthens the position of DEKRA in South America as an independent third-party solution provider for Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC).
In 2022, DEKRA officially opened its product testing laboratory in Brazil, located in the city of Atibaia, near São Paulo. The laboratory also offers voluntary product tests according to international standards as well as industry or customer specific requirements. Both accredited and non-accredited services contain electrical, chemical and mechanical safety testing, including environmental testing.
“We are proud to achieve the INMETRO accreditation for our laboratory at DEKRA Brazil. It highlights our commitment to support our customers as an independent expert organization in the area of electrical safety in Brazil. They can rely on our support and solutions when selling their products locally, regionally or internationally”, said Ivan Bornal, Laboratory Manager, DEKRA Certification B.V. Brazilian Branch.