Consumer protection through independent testing

DEKRA battery quick test awarded German Mobility Industry Innovation Prize

Nov 14, 2023 Automotive / Safety on the road

The DEKRA battery quick test for electric vehicles has been awarded the Innovation Prize of the German Mobility Industry (Innovationspreis der Deutschen Mobilitätswirtschaft). The prize specifically recognizes innovations in the mobility sector and was awarded for the third time by the German Association of Transport Sciences (DVWG).

  • Contribution to greater acceptance of used electric vehicles
  • Patented test rolled out in several countries in Europe
  • Jury Chairman: “Significant contribution to sustainable mobility”
As an independent testing organization, DEKRA is committed to intermodal safety and sustainability on the road to the mobility of tomorrow. This applies to road, rail, water, and air transportation. But DEKRA experts are also involved in micro mobility, cycling safety and the protection of pedestrians.
The DEKRA battery quick test was first introduced in early 2022 and has since been rolled out successfully in several countries in Europe. The test can be used to make a reliable statement about the state of health of an electric vehicle's traction battery within 15 minutes. The process has been validated by the RWTH Aachen University and is internationally patented.
“We warmly congratulate DEKRA on winning the Innovation Award 2023”, says jury chairman Prof. Knut Ringat, who is also the initiator of the award. “Whether on the road, rail or in the air – we are in a time in which we want to move away from fossil fuels in the entire mobility sector. Alternatives are therefore indispensable, and their promotion is all the more important. Electromobility plays a key role in climate-friendly transportation. This makes the contribution of the DEKRA battery test to its sustainability and cost-effectiveness all the more significant.”
Christoph Nolte, Executive Vice President of the DEKRA Group and Head of the Vehicle Inspection Service Division, thanked the DVWG and the jury members: “The award is a great appreciation for DEKRA and at the same time confirms that independently audited and transparent consumer protection is a cornerstone for creating trust and acceptance for sustainable, affordable mobility solutions.”
“Not only does the individual consumer benefit from the DEKRA battery test, but it also creates the basis for a functioning used market for electric vehicles, which is urgently needed to reduce emissions in the transport sector. It is precisely these kinds of projects that we want to offer a well-deserved stage with the Innovation Award: Pioneering impulses that directly contribute to climate-friendly mobility in Germany and are representative of the innovative strength of the industry”, emphasizes DVWG President and jury member Prof. Dr. Jan Ninnemann.
In the field of sustainable mobility, DEKRA's battery quick test is the only solution to date for rapid, AI-based measurement of the health of traction batteries in used electric vehicles. It is an essential building block for a functioning used car market for electric vehicles – and thus for the sustainability, safety, and affordability of electromobility.
A very short test drive with an acceleration of around 100 meters is sufficient for the DEKRA battery test. Various battery key data are read out via the on-board diagnostic interface. However, the real innovation lies in the classification of the measurements with the help of a highly complex algorithm and a comprehensive database. For this purpose, basic data is determined during test drives, for each individual vehicle type, under a wide variety of environmental conditions such as heat or cold – followed by further complex, AI-based calculations.
The DEKRA battery quick test is thus able to measure the state of health of a battery transparently and independently within just 15 minutes. This allows the necessary confidence in the battery's state of health to be established. The test is intended to contribute to greater acceptance of used electric vehicles in terms of consumer protection.