DEKRA at the Roundtable Discussion "(Un)ready for the Green Future" 2024

Jan 26, 2024 Hyatt Regency Belgrade
DEKRA Sustainability
DEKRA Sustainability

DEKRA is proud to announce its partnership in the round table organized by the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, scheduled for January 26, 2024, themed "(Un)Ready for the Green Future."

The significance of this round table is enormous for the event industry in Serbia, considering that it is the first event during which CO2 emissions will be measured. We are proud to support the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce as a pioneer in this field!
DEKRA verifies the emissions of the event with the aim of laying the foundations for a long-term climate and resource-friendly event strategy in accordance with the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, categorized in emission classes (Scope 1-3). At the roundtable, DEKRA will play a pivotal role in addressing the challenges of the green transition, both from an EU perspective and in relation to the Serbian economy. Our involvement underscores the Chamber's broader objectives of reducing CO2 emissions and fostering sustainable business practices in Serbia.
Combating global warming and climate change is an essential part of sustainable development. Companies must also take responsibility in this regard. An important step is to understand and manage individual greenhouse gas risks and opportunities and to take adequate measures to reduce their own negative impact.