DEKRA at COP28 Climate Conference

Dec 7 – 27, 2023 Expo City Dubai
Stustainability dekra climatechange cop28

DEKRA has made its debut at COP28, the United Nations annual climate change conference, as the exclusive conference partner representing the TIC industry. COP28 addresses a wide range of sustainability-related topics, with a significant focus on its ambitious pledge to triple renewable energy capacity and double energy efficiency improvements across sectors by 2030. DEKRA strongly supports these targets and is eager to share its expertise in energy management and the transition to sustainable energy in various expert discussion forums during the conference.

DEKRA is proud to be part of this movement representing the TIC industry. Serving over 500,000 customers across numerous industries worldwide, DEKRA offer an industry-leading number of over 500 services in the fields of energy transition, circular economy, and ESG management & reporting. We are proud to be part of the COP28 and excited to offer you the chance to meet our DEKRA experts and leadership team during the COP28.
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