DEKRA and A2A Smart City collaborate to provide LoRaWAN Testing & Certification services in Italy

Nov 05, 2020

With this partnership, DEKRA and A2A Smart City want to support manufacturers interested in bringing products with LoRaWAN technology to the Italian market

DEKRA and A2A Smart City will collaborate to offer LoRaWAN® Testing & Certification services in Italy. DEKRA is a LoRa Alliance® Authorized Test House (ATH) to certify products under LoRaWAN specifications, a network protocol that allows long-range connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. From now on, DEKRA will work together with A2A Smart City to provide these services in the Italian market. A2A Smart City will be in charge of performing testing in manufacturers' products interested in obtaining LoRaWAN certification, and DEKRA will assess and certify those products.
“DEKRA’s certification expertise and its recognition as a LoRa Alliance Authorized Test House (ATH) enable A2A Smart City to develop new solutions and provide new high-quality services”, said Simone Pompili, Head of IoT & Security services at A2A Smart City. “The LoRaWAN ecosystem has grown incredibly in recent years; the new regulatory landscape in Italy for LPWAN and this new asset at our disposal will certainly allow a further and important leap forward in the diffusion of LoRaWAN based applications”.
A2A Smart City is a telecommunications services company that designs solutions, applications and smart services fuelled by Big Data, sensors and network grids, with the purpose of generating new models for cities, regions and improving the community's life quality. DEKRA has a comprehensive scope of testing & certification services for wireless products, with experts and testing laboratories all around the world to support manufacturers to market their products worldwide. DEKRA’s portfolio for wireless devices includes services of regulatory, conformance, interoperability, performance, field, usability and specific absorption rate (SAR) testing, among others.
Carlos Pérez, Sales and Marketing Director at DEKRA Testing and Certification S.A.U. said: “We are very proud to collaborate with such a strategic partner like A2A Smart City. Wireless testing and certification services are one of the main businesses we provide from the DEKRA facilities in Málaga (Spain), where we are a LoRa Alliance Authorized Test House. Now, with this partnership, we widen our scope and can offer these services from Spain and from Italy, which is great news for us and our customers in these countries”.
The LoRaWAN standard is a low power, wide-area wireless network protocol that allows long-range connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) devices in different types of industries. With LoRaWAN, end-devices will be able to be deployed in multiple networks and roam from one network to another irrespective of network infrastructure or operator. It's promoted by the LoRa Alliance, which develops and advances the LoRaWAN specification, and has created a certification program to ensure interoperability.
“Collaborations between members are one of the primary reasons companies join the LoRa Alliance,” said Donna Moore, CEO and Chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance. “It is exciting to see A2A Smart City and DEKRA working together to simplify and accelerate the design and certification process for device manufacturers in Italy. The companies offer a compelling model to streamline the certification process for devices using LoRaWAN and accelerate companies’ time to market while providing the assurance they fully meet the LoRaWAN security features and will perform as intended under any network conditions”.