DEKRA accredited to certify NB-IoT technology devices according to newest CTIA OTA Test Plan 3.9

Jul 21, 2021 Digital & Product Solutions

DEKRA Testing & Certification, S.A.U. extends its accreditation scope as a CTIA Authorized Test Laboratory.

DEKRA has extended its accreditation as a CTIA Authorized Test Laboratory by adding the CTIA OTA Test Plan 3.9 within its scope. This new version of CTIA OTA certification includes devices using NB-IoT technology, presents new requirements and introduces the next version of CTIA test plan, which will include testing for OTA 5G technology. DEKRA has been accredited for the CTIA OTA Test Plan 3.9.x, which means it also includes the following versions of this plan, that currently is on the 3.9.2. Devices to be marketed in the United States must comply with the requirements specified in CTIA OTA Test Plan.
“We are delighted to continue adding testing capabilities to our accreditation as a CTIA Authorized Test Laboratory in our facilities located in Málaga (Spain). This new accreditation extends our services portfolio for OTA testing as well as to align our services with the latest trends in the wireless, connectivity and IoT industries”, said José de la Plaza Fernández, Director of EMC Laboratory at DEKRA Testing and Certification, S.A.U.
The NB-IoT (narrowband - Internet-of-Things) is a cellular technology designed for IoT devices. It allows having a large number of connected devices, low energy consumption, greater range indoors and outdoors, efficient communication, reliable and secure connectivity, and lower cost per component. This technology is developed for devices that generate low data traffic and have a long-life cycle. The NB-IoT uses the existing mobile phone network to connect the IoT devices, which makes this technology relevant for the IoT ecosystem.
The CTIA OTA Test Plan 3.9.x present new updates on requirements. For example, from now on, devices with NB-IoT technology should perform testing if they want to apply for PTCRB certification. Besides, it’s also mandatory to analyse the impact of Wi-Fi radio on cellular radio when both operate simultaneously. On the other hand, new operating bands for LTE have been also added to the test plan, such as 71, 46 and 48 bands.
In addition to this new accreditation, DEKRA Testing & Certification, S.A.U. also continues offering services according to other programs part of its scope as a CTIA Authorized Test Lab, which also includes Bluetooth Compatibility Converged Device, Cybersecurity, MIMO OTA Performance and SISO OTA Performance services, among others.
Additionally, DEKRA can also support manufacturers by providing testing & certification services for all key wireless technologies, as well as services on regulatory, conformance, interoperability, performance, usability, cybersecurity and global market access, among others.
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