Dealer Network Development

A strong dealer network prepared to face changes in the automotive business

Great change is underway in the automotive business sector, and OEMs need to respond appropriately to succeed. As a result of new distribution models, dealer networks will require restructuring in order to adapt to the new realities. In addition, new dealers must be selected and then prepared adequately to fulfill expectations and meet the coming challenges.

To perform well in the changing automotive landscape, OEMs need dealers able to interact with manufacturers under new conditions while maintaining the brand’s high standards. This means that OEMs must assess current dealers and evaluate potential new ones with an eye to assembling a successful network.
Drawing on our expertise and experience in the auto industry, we provide OEMs with qualitative, professional, pedagogical and reliable analyses of existing network members as well as future candidates. Our services include administrative support, scouting, financial observation and performance coaching, which we deliver with our proven DEKRA ABC (Advanced Blended Coaching) methodology. We aim to assist our clients in creating a top-notch network, agile and resilient enough to master the coming challenges in the automotive business sector.

Your Benefits

  • A robust, agile dealer network, including new dealerships with high potential
  • Improved performance through clear, achievable and individualized business plans for each dealer supported by our Advanced Blended Coaching (DEKRA ABC) methodology
  • A comprehensive approach for new and existing dealers, prioritizing transparency
  • Strong buy-in throughout the dealer network

Our Approach

We aim to support OEMs in creating and maintaining a strong dealer network, prepared to meet the challenges the automotive business is bound to face. To this end, our dealer network development services start with a reliable analysis focusing on qualitative, professional and pedagogical factors.
Our dealer network development services cover:
  • Administrative support: This includes centralized international steering as well as local and regional market analysis and an analysis of areas of influence (territory, brand). We also help with the creation of personalized dealer action plans.
  • Scouting: We assist with interviews of potential applicants as well as with the onboarding and follow up of new dealers.
  • Financial focus: We support dealers as they create business plans and encourage them to focus on sales and development. Reporting is consolidated and KPIs are followed up on a global level.
  • Performance coaching: Based on our current performance assessments of existing dealers, our coaching services encompass overall dealer performance, including business management, sales and after sales. With DEKRA ABC (Advanced Blended Coaching), we provide a customized mix of field and online coaching, self-learning, virtual online group sessions and webinars. This allows for more precise targeting, flexibility and consistency, plus an exceptional ROI.
Network development requires consistent monitoring and follow-up. We provide online monitoring tools accessible 24/7, as well as follow-up and reporting within the online tool. We are at your side with advice and expertise throughout each stage of your dealer network development journey.


  • DEKRA has a global delivery team specialized in the implementation and monitoring of international projects as well as a global overview of implementation across markets.
  • We promote regular steering committees, optimization of processes, sharing of best practices and continuous improvement supported by the DEKRA ABC methodology.
  • Our expert know-how brings valuable foresight in risk prevention and mitigation, handed down to local teams from project launch.