Cyber SafePS

Cyber Security Risk Assessment Protecting Process Plants

Although almost all process plants rely on embedded industrial control systems (ICS) for secure production and business operations, no system is totally invulnerable in the digital environment. Our tailored Cyber SafePS solution offers an accurate, transparent assessment to help you identify, analyze, prioritize, manage and monitor cyber security risk to the critical systems and safety barriers you rely on to keep your plant safe and running. Our DEKRA experts provide a comprehensive approach to ensure enhanced security and resilience against cyber threats for people, the environment, and assets, following standards such as IEC62443 and IEC61511 for process plant and safety systems security.

Your Benefits
  • Pinpoint cyber security risks threatening plant control systems and operations
  • Understand cyber safeguards used in high-risk, acceptably secure and low-risk scenarios
  • Recognize ramifications of each cyber risk and develop effective solutions
  • Accurately determine suitable defense measures and systems
Our Approach
The scale of consequences resulting from Major Accident Hazards (MAHs) – significant potential events with the capacity to cause serious harm to people, the environment, and assets in industrial settings – can be devastating. By identifying and protecting against cyber threats that could trigger or exacerbate MAHs, our service helps ensure the safety and continuity of operations in process plants.
Our Cyber SafePS risk assessment is conducted in five steps to help you:
1. Identify existing and potential cyber security risk to the plant
2. Analyze risk to determine levels of urgency and seriousness of consequences
3. Evaluate and prioritize risks to eliminate the most dangerous first
4. Manage risk with efficient and effective strategies and methods
5. Monitor risk to consider new conditions, detect fluctuations and act accordingly
Elevate your industrial plant’s cyber security with our Cyber SafePS today! Contact one of our experts to learn how to start your journey to enhanced cyberattack resilience and safety.
  • We are experts in both technical and organizational factors impacting plant safety.
  • We have recognized credentials as a trusted partner to a cross section of industries.
  • We specialize in innovative process safety assessment, analysis and solutions.