Claims & Customer care management

Ensure customer satisfaction through prompt, professional, transaction handling (administrative, logistics, product, vehicle sales, etc).

Claims & customer care management

Why do Claims & customer care management exist?

Customer care (and claims management) is a key point of the global remarketing chain but this process is time consuming. This is the reason why DEKRA provides this service to manufacturers, bringing ‘adjustable’ human resources to answer peak of activity.

Your benefits?

  • Sales team concentration: let commercial teams focused on sales, only sales (estimated 20 to 35% additionally time for sales tasks).
  • Ensure quality, with agent specifically trained on this sensible process (claim)
  • Control costs by using resources and technology more efficiently.
  • No phone calls lost (contrary to direct lines), rapidity to take in charge customers.
  • Benefit from measure and traceability of the call’s nature and demands
  • Give the used vehicle buyer a permanent, immediate and professionally-oriented interface.

Our services cover:

  • A front office support service for used vehicle customers (purchasers) and, within the framework of a network priority, primarily designed for a group where loyalty is encouraged.
  • Single standard handle first-line questions or topics which do not require the involvement of a specialist.
  • Logistical & administrative ancillary relations.


DEKRA is the only player on the market offering a complete sales service, not only customer care but also an e-sales platform, online auctions, special offers, commercial operations, sales team (working by phone on behalf of the customer), transport management and steering, invoicing services, call center, claims portal.


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