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An organization´s culture is comprised of common practices, shared attitudes and perceptions that influence behavior in the workplace. The first step in transforming safety culture, reliability and performance quality for the better is to assess these components, measuring performance with the help of reliable safety metrics.

Measuring safety culture and improve your company´s reliability through expert assessment

Our services in this field start with the assumption that organizations who turn to us are not seeking confirmation that all is well, but rather are striving to uncover problems lurking beneath the surface. We begin by identifying the most significant safety issues confronting the organization or site and work to pinpoint unrecognized risks. Before defining actions for improvement, we create a benchmark towards best in class.

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Comprehensive assessments and diagnostics of organizational and safety culture

Our services feature a two-pronged methodology to help you achieve transformative change, beginning with assessments and following up with diagnostics. Our experts gather information through a mixture of qualitative assessment methods (observation, audits, interviews and focus groups) and quantitative assessment methods (individual perceptions, surveys). In the diagnostics phase we create a plan based on the information gleaned from the assessments targeting steps to take toward reaching goals. This takes the form of a comprehensive written report including a profile of your organizational culture and a presentation to key stakeholders

Safety culture assessment services by DEKRA

Our Approach

While culture may seem like a tough quality to measure, we take pride in our science-based approach, consisting of customized surveys and qualitative assessment methods. Benchmarking plays a key role here, as we make the behaviors that form the culture measurable and comparable to the best performing organizations. This is what guides us as we define actions to improve safety culture, boost company reliability aiming to create a culture of care.

Through years of experience we have gained the knowledge necessary to develop truly transformational tools when it comes to organizational safety culture. We back up this expertise with a worldwide presence and an international reputation as a trusted advisor to industry leaders.

Our Assessment Services

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