Contract renewal

Anticipate the renewal of fleet and private cars, prepare renewals 12 to 6 months before the leasing contract comes to an end.

Contract Renewal
Contract Renewal

Why does Contract renewal exist?

Companies take out leasing contracts looking for a monthly fee, to avoid ownership, have recent vehicles on their fleet and as a part of remuneration for their teams. The customer needs to be contacted at least 6 months before, to renew the contract. Manufactures can be interested to pull forward the fleets renewal when a new vehicle is launched or in renewing the contract with the actual model while the customer waits for the next vehicle version launch.

Your benefits:

  • Ensure customer loyalty
  • Preview the volumes needed
  • Prepare possible future needs for customers fleet
  • Improve final customer satisfaction
  • Allow the customer to order the model with the desired specs

Our services cover:

  • Qualifying the dealer data
  • Organising the customer contact: data update, renewal timing and model preferences.
  • Transferring information to the salespeople and checking the quality of client request handling
  • Nurturing the customer
  • Analyzing the dealer results


DEKRA will:

  • Understand the automotive market and the evolving customer behaviors
  • Understand manufacturer and distributor issues
  • Provide customer relationship center management with experienced automotive operators in several countries

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