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Compliance with the German Supply Chain Law

Supporting efforts to comply with new supply chain act

With the newly minted German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act coming into effect in 2023, companies and their supply chain partners must now prepare for compliance to avoid fines and penalties excluding them from governmental contracts.

The benefits of compliance with the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

  • Prove company commitment to protecting human health and the environment

  • Implement an effective rapid response plan to address changing circumstances

  • Rectify violations and identify areas in need of improvement

  • Ensure ethical employment and safe working conditions

  • Hold partners to your high business standards

Supply Chain Act

Auditing due diligence throughout the supply chain

The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act recently passed by the German government provides updated standards affecting regulatory compliance requirements for companies and their business partners. According to the new criteria, companies are obliged to:

  • Minimize risks to human rights or the environment throughout the supply chain
  • Appoint a Due Diligence officer for internal processes and practices
  • Develop and implement a compliance management system
  • Establish a risk management system and conduct regular annual risk analyses
  • Introduce preventive and remedial measures into business operations
  • Adopt a policy statement
  • Provide a yearly public report

Preparing for Supply Chain Due Diligence compliance

Designed to help you meet all your regulatory compliance obligations, DEKRA’s auditing services are tailored according to your individual needs and circumstance. Our risk assessment for supply chain due diligence regulations coming into effect in 2023 for companies based in Germany with more than 3,000 employees and 2024 for those with a workforce of over 1,000 consists of:

  • An initial meeting to establish necessary parameters
  • Self-assessment checklist and feedback
  • Expert risk analysis
  • A comprehensive audit according to supply chain due diligence requirements

With decades of experience as a respected global partner, we stand ready to provide you comprehensive services at any time, anywhere in the world from a trusted single source. We look forward to answering your questions and preparing you for your compliance with the new German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.

Mandatory Criteria of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act Act
Implement the new mandatory requirements under the German Supply Chain Act.

Take advantage of our expertise

  • Qualified and experienced regulatory auditors
  • Streamlined assessment processes for fast, cost-efficient and accurate results
  • International team of regulatory experts at locations worldwide

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