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Competence and Language status determination

Competence and Language status determination

Competence and Language status determination

If you don't know what you can do, you don't know what you can become! We will identify and certify your language level according to GER (Common European reference framework for languages) as well as your professional and inter-professional skills. From this, we will then derive your options for action and professional outlook.


Persons whose competence profile and language level is not clear and who want to pursue a professional future in Germany.


Determination of the competences and the German language level, determination of professional perspectives and next steps.


Biographical interview:

  • Profiling: acquisition of personal, job-related information
  • Development of professional and inter-professional skills based on a structured interview

Language status determination with the BULATS test (Goethe Institute):

  • Dynamic online testing process
  • Testing of German reading and listening comprehension
  • Confirmation of language level

Potential analysis and individual coaching:

  • InCheck measurement (online process for assessing preferences, interests and skills)
  • Feedback discussion for DEKRA InCheck assessment
  • Development of realistic professional outlooks and action alternatives
  • Results report for DEKRA InCheck assessment + evaluation discussion


Individual, normally 4 appointments


Activation and placement voucher (AVGS)


German language skills at level GER A1 or higher.


Participation certification by DEKRA Akademie


CertQua Bonn, 2016M100989-1001

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