Business Resilience Impact Assessment (BRIA)

Multilevel impact assessment to evaluate and strengthen business resilience

Effective business resilience depends on a strong corporate immune system capable of fighting off disruptive global events such as economic fluctuation, political unrest, natural disaster or infectious disease. Our experts help you implement and maintain reliable strategies to champion any challenge.

About Business Resilience Impact Assessment (BRIA)

In the current Corona pandemic climate and in anticipation of storms to come, investors and other stakeholders will be placing significant value on the resilience of your business infrastructure, strategies and processes. Our experts are accredited to provide you the support you need to ensure your corporate fortitude in facing unknown challenges of today and in the future.
Modern corporate architectures encompass critical assets, evolving technologies, elaborate supply chains and diverse talent pools. The operational resiliency of these complex infrastructures has been harshly impacted after years of budget cuts due to intense global competition in industries across the board. We provide multilevel assessment based on BRIA self-assessment and detailed evaluation in the short term as well as long-term consulting, training and auditing to companies who now find themselves unable to implement standardized management systems due to funding limitations.
Our Business Resilience Impact Assessment (BRIA) services help you identify concerns and implement solutions to improve the systems and processes you rely on to continue operations in the aftermath of unforeseeable events not under your control.
It is now vital that every business, regardless of industry, location or size be able to reassure stakeholders of their proven resilience and continuity capabilities. Our multilevel approach assists you in developing and maintaining effective resilience strategies in three levels:
Level 1: Business Resilience Self-Assessment
Self-assessment helps you determine your current level of resilience. Made up of 40 critical questions, the self-assessment is divided into the following six sections:
  • Governance
  • Human resources
  • Information technology
  • Operations/sales
  • Supply chain & sustainability
  • Compliance & risk management
The self-assessment serves as a starting point for further analysis and is free of charge.
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Level 2: Business Resilience Impact Assessment (BRIA) by accredited experts
The comprehensive BRIA strategy uses your self-assessment to develop a more detailed examination. It aims to determine whether your existing systems and processes are functioning appropriately to provide you adequate protection in a compliant and practical manner. In-depth BRIA evaluation is based on the maturity levels of the globally recognized CMMI® (Capability maturity model integration). Following the remote BRIA analysis, our accredited experts will provide you a written overview of your current resilience status, an outline of your strengths and weaknesses, and a list of recommendations for improvement in the seven aforementioned areas.
On-site analysis is available when conditions allow.
Level 3: Auditing, Consulting and Training
Our experts conduct comprehensive auditing on which you can rely. We provide effective consulting services to help you find the solutions you need to reach your goals. Our recognized professional training programs are tailored to your particular needs to ensure the strength and adaptability of your workforce.
Level 1 and 2 assessments help you attain a clear one- to two-year perspective. Level 3 services have been designed to provide you support throughout a longer three- to five-year vision.
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  • Our global network of experts is ready to serve you at any time, anywhere
  • As a single-source provider, we save you time and money with flexible, tailored services
  • We conduct third-party inspection for transparent assessment trusted around the world
  • Our BRIA services increase your ability to operate during unexpected challenges
  • We help you implement effective solutions to ensure continuity and resilience capabilities
  • We provide you recognized verification of your business resilience