Bespoke Organizational Culture Surveys

Creating bespoke surveys to meet your needs

Gathering data and information is a crucial first step for companies seeking to evaluate and revitalize their organization’s culture. Surveys are one tool widely used to gauge employee attitudes and track behaviors, but off-the-shelf questionnaires often fail to capture the nuances that characterize corporate culture.

Our bespoke surveys are the product of our expertise and experience combined with input and guidance from our clients. While a standard survey may not address the issues relevant to your organization, close collaboration between our experts and your team ensures that the resulting questionnaire explores in depth the specific issues affecting your company’s organizational and leadership culture. We bring flexibility and know-how to designing, developing and carrying out tailor-made surveys and stand by the efficacy of these instruments in initiating positive cultural change and improved organizational safety.

Your Benefits

  • Customized, targeted assessment tools for organizational culture
  • An experienced partner with expertise and insight into cultural change
  • A reliable foundation for launching transformative improvement efforts

Our Approach

Our experts have created a wide variety of cultural assessment surveys, including:
  • Chronic Unease - Developed to determine the level of chronic unease exhibited by potential Offshore Installation Managers (OIMs) as part of the recruitment process, the survey is currently being adapted for other potential uses.
  • Authentic Leadership - A tool for assessing the non-technical leadership skills of potential OIMs, this survey was used as part of the recruitment process
  • Cultural alignment - This survey was designed for use as part of the tender process and explores the cultural alignment between potential bidders and our client’s organization and core values.
This represents a small selection of the bespoke surveys we create. In consultation with our assessment and solutions team, we can design a survey tailor-made for your needs and goals.


  • We are experts in creating custom diagnostic tools responsive to the specific needs of our clients.
  • We have extensive experience helping clients achieve lasting change with our flexible, bespoke solutions.
  • We specialize in science-based, data-driven tools to promote safe behavior and cultural improvement.
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