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Automotive Suppliers


Gearing up for the future of logistics

As the key interface with your customers, your distribution networks and systems play a crucial role in keeping you at the front of the race. Backed by many years of experience in the sector, our wide range of distribution support services are here to help you. Any time, and anywhere you operate in the world.


The best products are only as good as the speed and efficiency at which you can deliver them to your customers. Our experts will work with you to help you optimize all areas of your logistics operation, from systems consultancy and cyber security to driver and warehouse personnel training. In addition to such practical areas as warehouse logistics, load security, and driver training, we can advise you on specialist areas like automotive management system certification or second-party audits or accreditation. DEKRA is your trusted partner in global distribution operations – no matter which country you operate in.

DEKRA Services for ...

Securing your global market presence

Quality is the life's blood of all areas of OEM sales. With immense pressure on cost and competitiveness, automotive manufacturers need to know that they can rely on the products and services you supply. DEKRA will work with you to achieve the level of reliability and excellence your customers demand from you.

Expediting, Shop and Vendor Inspections of the Supply Chain

Acquiring new equipment and machinery can be time-consuming, costly and risky. We carry out inspection and expediting services on your supplier’s premises, verifying the quality of manufactured products or equipment and the reliability of delivery times.

High-voltage Vehicle Training via Digital Learning Tools

DEKRA e-mobility training is a digital response to the increasing use of electric vehicles around the world. Technicians working with electric vehicles require new sets of skills and knowledge to ensure safe and effective operation. Using digital learning tools, we will train your technicians in the safety and protection measures they need to use to stay safe when working on high-voltage systems.

Mandatory and Voluntary Inspection Services for New and Adapted Processes, Machinery and Equipment

DEKRA experts provide comprehensive support tailored to the customer's needs in ensuring that cranes, lifting equipment and other machinery meet all necessary safety standards and regulatory obligations. Whether on-site, online, or from a remote location, we help you optimize your workflow, reduce costly downtime, increase safety and prolong the service life of your machines and equipment. Our technical competences related to machines and industrial equipment are available at the earliest stages and throughout the life cycle of your asset.

Second-Party Audits

Experienced auditors provide fast and efficient audits to help you in approving new suppliers, addressing quality issues, confirming corrective actions, or performing reviews or maintenance as part of a supplier management process.

Supply Chain Audits

Our comprehensive audits let you evaluate and ensure ethical, environmental, and social compliance as well as process integrity and security throughout the entire supply chain. Our services include initial supplier audits and continuous monitoring, as well as helping you decipher international, national and local regulatory requirements.

Achieving digital transformation and a sustainable long-term business

Our wide range of services for meeting the challenges of a connected, autonomous, shared, and electric (CASE) mobility can help you build a business model capable of rising up to the challenges of the future. Let our profound expertise in consultancy, accreditation, and training become your competitive edge and benefit from the added value they bring.

Examination of Experts for IT and Cyber Security

To inspire trust among existing customers and attract potential new customers, it is essential to ensure information security – including IT systems, components, and processes. Our accredited personnel certification services cover a wide range of requirements generally recognized on the international stage, and validation by an objective third party gives employees confidence in their skills and customers confidence they have chosen the right partner.

High-voltage Systems Training in Motor Vehicles for Professional Drivers

Handling high-voltage systems in motor vehicles is potentially dangerous. This is because the use of voltages above 25 V AC and 60 DC poses a hazard of electric shock and electric arcs. As a result, you have a responsibility to train your employees so that they can assess the electrical work involved, recognize potential hazards, and implement suitable protective measures. Our training courses in this area teach both the theoretical basics and how to safely handle HV components.

Occupational Health and Safety Training for E-mobility

Handling high-voltage systems in motor vehicles involves potential danger, because they use voltages above 25 V AC and 60 DC. This can expose employees to hazards such as electric shock and electric arcs. Companies have the responsibility to train their employees so that they can assess electrical work, recognize hazards, and employ suitable protective measures. This seminar comprises a theoretical part on the electro-technical basics and a practical part on the handling of HV vehicles.

Ensuring expert skills in training for new technical topics

Keeping pace with innovation and new technologies is one of the biggest challenges facing the automotive supplier sector. Fast-paced changes in IoT, electric vehicles, and autonomous driving are all creating new demands on skills and expertise. On top of that, technology is changing faster than the related regulations and the return on your training investment is hard to predict. Our experts will work with you to design programs that ensure your technical staff are well prepared to maximize effectiveness and productivity.

Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric (CASE) Mobility Training

Connected, autonomous, shared, and electric (CASE) mobility brings with it radical change to every part of the mobility value chain, and each of these requires new, innovative training concepts. From manufacturing to aftersales, mechanics or roadside assistance, we have the expertise and training programs you need to ensure that your employees will be safe and effective in this new environment.

Examination of Experts for IT and Cyber Security

To inspire trust among existing customers and attract potential new customers, it is essential to ensure information security – including IT systems, components, and processes. Our accredited personnel certification services cover a wide range of requirements generally recognized on the international stage, and validation by an objective third party gives employees confidence in their skills and customers confidence they have chosen the right partner.

Innovative solutions to enhance operational performance

With our continuity, resilience, and safety management services, we bring added value to your operational business to increase the long-term development opportunities of your business.

Digital Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Solutions

How we seek and use information about safety is critical to our ability to achieve the desired results in safety. DEKRA delivers innovative IT-solutions and platforms which enable organizations to manage, control, and understand their data and uncover relevant trends and insights in order to identify areas of improvement and risk minimization. Our data collection and analytics solutions pair the experience and knowledge of our research professionals with proven tools and methodologies.

Environmental Advisory and Services

Prioritizing environmental responsibility, our environmental consultants and advisors look not just at compliance, but also how your organization can increase efficiency. If your sector requires environmental appraisals, assessments or permits, our experts are there to help with experience and knowledge in providing environmental assessments, due diligence services and on-site advisory services.

Fire Protection Management and Advisory

Our fire protection experts can help you understand and address the fire risk in your organization. Sharing our expertise in fire protection, we partner with customers to answer questions on fire safety management, provide customized solutions, and offer on-site support through recognized advisors.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System

We help to ensure your ability to protect employee health and safety as well as the environment. ISO 50001 certification improves energy efficiency with the introduction of an effective energy management system, while ISO 14001 certifies your environmental management system to demonstrate sustainable operation. In order to minimize operational risks for employees, ISO 45001 formulates requirements for comprehensive, modern occupational health and safety.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Strategy and Management

Maintaining strong HSE management is the most efficient way to ensure the wellbeing of your staff and, by extension, the continued existence of your business. Our HSE strategy consultants can help you achieve a comprehensive HSE policy that leads to improved safety outcomes through reduced hazard exposures, accident-free work, a healthy workspace, and employee protection. In addition to addressing compliance issues, our experts assist you in reducing environmental impact, creating a supportive culture and promoting performance improvements.

Human Performance Reliability and Mental Health

The latest discoveries in neuroscience can have a major impact on the workplace. Learning how to recognize and manage stress among your employees and support good decision-making, for example, can create a more motivated and productive workforce. Through targeted assessments, recommendations, and consultations, we help you maximize your employees’ potential.

Leadership Diagnostic, Assessment and Development

Strong leaders are critical to promoting reliability and sustaining safety performance. DEKRA’s Leadership Diagnostic Instrument (LDI) is designed to bridge the gap between leaders’ potential and their current performance. It provides them with a clear picture of where they are and where they want to be, enabling them to plan their developmental journey and track their progress along the way. Results are displayed as both raw scores and percentiles, enabling leaders to compare scores to their own standard of excellence, as well as to a large database of leaders in other organizations.

Mandatory and Voluntary Inspections

DEKRA experts ensure that the equipment and processes you use are fully compliant with all necessary standards and legal requirements, whether it concerns electrical or fire protection, ventilation installations, or through specific measurements of the environmental/workplace related pollution. Our service help you remedy Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) issues, mitigate brand impacts and ensure workers, safety and environmental sustainability.

Organizational Diagnostic, Assessment and Development

The impact of the corporate culture on performance is undeniable, yet often overlooked. DEKRA has developed a portfolio of proven diagnostic tools and assessments to support cultural transformation. Our consultants help you decide on the right approach for your company, from customized surveys to qualitative assessments or specially designed tools. Working closely together, we help you to bring positive change to your enterprise and the entire supply chain.

Professional Driver Training

Wherever in the world you operate, DEKRA is among the leading training providers for professional drivers. We have already designed and conducted training courses for more than 50,000 drivers. At the same time, we have developed various flexible training formats, including the use of e-learning components, that we can offer via our national branches, international subsidiaries, and external partners, all with an internationally assured quality standard.

Safety Advisory, Services and Coordination

Protect your employees from accidents and other hazards in the workplace and minimize the overall effort required to implement your occupational safety measures through expert advice, risk assessments, training, on-site support, or project safety coordination by recognized advisors.

Sustainability Advisory and Services

We evaluate policies and processes by focusing on sustainable practices. Our experts show you how to maximize sustainability with solutions that respond to your company’s needs. Whether compliance, education, or corporate sustainability management, we are equipped to provide innovative, tailored solutions that help you reach your sustainability goals.

Warehouse Logistics Training

DEKRA seminars provide you with a sound knowledge of all aspects of warehouse logistics. Our strict quality standards coupled with more than 40 years of experience in education in transport and logistics guarantee you and your skilled staff first-rate, real-world education and training for e.g. forklift drivers or certified logistics supervisors.

Workforce Diagnostic, Assessment and Development

We support you in evaluating your organization’s safety culture and engaging your workforce at every level by employing behavior-based strategies that drive transformational change and performance improvement.

Workplace Health and Wellbeing Solutions

With the aim of helping you maintain a healthy workforce and leadership, we assess physical, ergonomic and psychological risks and offer practical solutions. Our services enhance employee well-being and create a safe, human-centered workplace where motivation thrives and human factors are respected.

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