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Automotive Stock Audits

Up-to-date and accurate oversight of your automotive stock

Automotive stock audits provide dealerships and their financial partners accurate accounting and status of floorplan inventory to manage lending risk, reduce the delay of reimbursement once the vehicle is sold and increase confidence in the number and current standing of actual assets.

Your benefit you get from Stock Audits

  • Optimal up-to-date overview of actual stock status in dealer networks, vehicle storage units and other points of sale

  • Ensured contractual compliance for funded and non-funded inventories to minimize risk and avoid unnecessary loss

  • Quality assurance through physical inspection

  • Accurate inventory recording models and serial numbers, vehicles sold, GPS localization and photographic documentation

Automotive Stock Audits
Automotive Stock Audits

About Automotive Stock Audits

We provide comprehensive vehicle stock auditing services tailored to your particular needs to ensure that your records are current and correct.

Our experts conduct in-depth assessment of your automotive stock to help you identify questions and find answers. We work with you to make sure the audit process suits your individual risk profile. We support you with high quality floorplan checks and reliable reporting for effective risk management.

Whether a one-off or regular reoccurring inspection over the long term, we are ready to support you with recognized automotive stock auditing services.

Automotive Stock Audits

Gain from our expertise

  • We provide comprehensive independent and international services from a single source
  • Our experts work with you to understand your business objectives and level of risk
  • Our audits keep you informed, minimize risk and protect your credit status
  • We help you identify areas and processes with room for improvement
  • Our services aim to strengthen the trust between you and your partners

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