AQ/T 3034 PSM Code

Understanding and complying with Chinese process safety management regulation

A critical part of industrial operations, strong process safety management (PSM) helps you to ensure the safety of your personnel, protect the environment in which you operate and safeguard valuable assets. Regulations in China have been significantly transformed with the introduction of the new AQ/T 3034-2022 Code for process safety management standards in the country. Built on previous regulatory requirements, the revision of the code introduces several key elements designed to elevate safety standards in industrial processes. DEKRA provides the expertise you need to achieve process safety management excellence and seamless compliance with AQ/T 3034-2022.

Your Benefits

  • Establish and maintain a robust process safety culture.
  • Operate with confidence in compliance with Chinese regulatory standards.
  • Demonstrate responsible PSM best practices needed to access the Chinese market.

Our Approach

A recognized leader with a global footprint in process safety management advisory, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your particular needs and circumstance. DEKRA experts draw on a wealth of practical experience in ensuring compliance with applicable regulations including the new AQ/T 3034-2022 Code for China.
Our global team of specialists are on hand to take you from compliance to excellence with:
  • Compliance Review:
Comprehensive evaluation of process safety management systems to ensure you meet and exceed AQ/T 3034-2022 requirements.
  • Gap Analysis:
Assessment to uncover any gaps between the current and desired performance of your PSM systems so you can develop effective strategies to achieve your organizational goals.
  • Customized Solutions:
Implementation of tailored solutions to update safety policies and procedures, support effective training programs, adopt suitable risk assessment methodologies and establish robust Management of Change (MOC) processes.
We conduct in-depth assessment of existing PSM systems to measure compliance with AQ/T 3034-2022 while identifying any gap or non-compliance issues. Working closely with you, our experienced consultants provide detailed recommendations and help you develop effective solutions.
We look forward to serving you at any time, anywhere in the world you do business.

About AG/T 3034-2022

Designed to ensure the safety of company personnel, protect the community and environment and safeguard valuable assets, process safety management strategies and systems play a critical role in industrial operations. Chinese authorities have issued the updated AQ/T 3034-2022 code for PSM compliance adding new elements to elevate safety standards in industrial processes.
Reflecting the evolving understanding of effective PSM and the need for comprehensive measures to ensure safe, compliant business, these measures include:
  • Safety leadership
  • Safe production responsibility
  • Safe production compliance management
  • Facilities safety planning and design
  • Safety instrument management
  • Safety management of major hazard installations
  • Inherently safer concept
  • Safety culture
The revised AQ/T 3034-2022 code demonstrates the Chinese commitment to strengthening process safety management across all industries. The addition of the eight new elements addresses key issues to provide a comprehensive framework designed to reduce risk with enhanced process safety practices.


  • Our global expertise and proven track record distinguish us as a trusted and reliable partner.
  • We conduct comprehensive compliance reviews and offer tailored solutions.
  • Our PSM experts are on hand around the world to help you achieve process safety excellence so you can protect employees, the environment and your valuable assets.