About DEKRA Audits

We set high standards

Our Vision

DEKRA Audits supports contemporary businesses competing in fast-paced global environments with management system and personnel certification as well as comprehensive auditing services to ensure high quality and safety standards.

With more than 200 accreditations, DEKRA Audits is your partner for audits and certifications according to recognized international, national and house standards. DEKRA Audits operates with in excess of 560 in-house experts and 1,200 external industry-experienced auditors and partners in 18 countries. We are ready to serve you at any time, anywhere in the world.

We are committed to providing you recognized customer-oriented services to ensure safety, sustainability and quality. We are proud to comply with and actively live by the same standards to which we test our customers.

Following core principle guidelines of impartiality, objectivity and integrity, our DEKRA Audits employees are enthusiastic problem-solvers using their ideas and expertise in a wide range of industries and disciplines to create real added value.

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Our Mission

We are a world-leading audit and certification body focusing on the environmental, health, and safety protection sectors. Our competence includes management systems assessment as well as the testing, monitoring, and certification of various products and component parts used in medical devices and hazardous areas. We also provide recognized training with advanced courses and personnel certification programs.

As a DEKRA partner, you will benefit from a comprehensive range of services from a single source. Our experts examine and analyze all of your products and processes within an integrated context. As an independent, accredited company with more than 80 years of experience, we help you to systematically develop and improve the quality and reliability of your organizational processes.

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