VOC emission testing of automotive
VOC emission testing of automotive interior parts

VOC emission testing of automotive interior parts

Emissions and odor behavior of components.

With new user interfaces, innovative materials, and corresponding customization options, the importance of material quality and processing in the vehicle interior is increasing. DEKRA assists you with examinations of vehicle interior components for emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well as condensable substances (FOG) that affect indoor air quality, health, and driving comfort.
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Safe protection through emission testing

In the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited DEKRA laboratory, our experts use test chamber and odor measurements as well as pollutant analyses to investigate and evaluate the odor and outgassing behavior of automotive interior parts under various environmental influences. For this purpose, we offer emission measurements and analysis procedures in accordance with all relevant limit values and standards, such as VDA 270, VDA 276, VDA 277, VDA 278 and DIN ISO 12219.
Our services at a glance
    • DBL 1000 (formerly DBL 5430) - Emission and odor in the interior - full release including VDA 278, VDA 276, DIN ISO 12219-4/-6/-7, VDA 276-3
    • DBL 5307 - combustion test AA 10, AA 11, AA 12
    • GS 97014-3 - Emission measurement under air exchange in a test chamber (summer test)
    • GS 97014-4 - Determination of odor behavior
    • GS 97038 - Burning behavior
    • PV 3015 - Fogging
    • PV 3925 - Formaldehyde
    • PV 3900 - Odor
    • PV 3341 - total carbon
    • PN 780 - Emission behavior interior
    • TL1010 - Burning behavior of interior materials
    • VW 50180 - Emission behavior of parts, components, semi-finished products and materials of the vehicle interior
    Please contact us regarding current approvals and recognitions as well as to coordinate your specific test concept. A classification of the detected individual substances with regard to substance prohibitions, declaration obligations and hazardous substance regulations (for example GADSL, CLP) is also carried out by our experts. Arrange an appointment now!
    For further environmental simulation tests , corrosion tests, surface tests, media resistance tests and weathering tests we are also at your disposal.

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