Tests and services for electric and hybrid vehicles

For a feeling of safety on the road

As a national and international pioneer in the field of electromobility, DEKRA is your go-to specialist not least for vehicle-related services for electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

After all, hybrid and electric cars must also undergo regular vehicle inspections according to the legal requirements and be checked with regard to a variety of safety aspects.
DEKRA has not only made a name for itself in the field of periodic vehicle monitoring, also known as vehicle inspections, but also in the area of expertise for private and commercial customers. As one of the most respected claims adjusters in Europe, our service portfolio also includes expertise regarding used electric and hybrid cars as well as damage assessments. In addition, we conduct evaluations of vehicles as well as technical acceptance of vehicle conversions through our state-recognized specialists and offer workshop tests for the e-mobility sector, in addition to professional consulting.