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Test Chamber Emissions Measurements of Components

Test Chamber Emissions Measurements of Components

Test chamber tests for VOC measurements of emitting components and products

Electromechanical components, electronic assemblies, sensors, and control units can release substances that lead to contamination and deposits on surfaces and contacts, causing malfunctions. In our accredited DEKRA testing laboratory, we offer a wide range of emission test chamber methods to determine emitting substances (VOC).
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Safe identification of harmful emission sources

Emissions test chamber methods are used to examine components, packaging materials, and electronic components for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Emission sources of VOCs, such as alkanes, aldehydes, and siloxanes (silicone emissions), can be reliably identified through these procedures.
This approach can also be used to analyze outgassing pollutants from building materials and furniture, as well as consumer articles and detergents. It is particularly valuable when elevated readings of health-harming substances or indoor air quality limits are detected in buildings or office spaces during indoor air quality assessments.

Precise test chamber measurements for various requirements

In our accredited DEKRA testing laboratory, our experts offer you a wide range of analysis methods for emission and formaldehyde measurements in the test chamber, based on the requirements of different standards. Additional residue analyses can be conducted using techniques such as REM/EDX, XRD, FT-IR, and ion chromatography (ionic contamination according to IPC TM-650, 2.3.25 and 2.3.28, as well as TMC-60, 2.3.28).

Overview of our test chamber measurements

  • An overview of our test chamber measurements
  • DIN EN 717-1 (Formaldehyde emissions from wood-based materials)
  • DIN ISO 16000-3 (Formaldehyde and carbonyl compounds in indoor air)
  • DIN ISO 16000-6 (VOCs in indoor air and test chambers)
  • DIN ISO 16000-9 (VOC emissions from building products and furnishings)
  • DIN EN 16516 (Emissions from building products into indoor air)
  • Thermal desorption GC-MS
  • Headspace GC-MS
  • DIN EN 16738 / 16739 / 16740 (Emission safety of combustible air fresheners)
For additional test chamber procedures specifically related to the automotive sector, please refer to VOC emissions testing of automotive interior parts.

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