Sustainability Assurance Solutions

Sep 20, 2023

Unlocking Sustainable Excellence: DEKRA's Comprehensive Audit Services

Are you prepared to take your organization's commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices to new heights? Your solution lies within DEKRA's extensive array of audit services, carefully crafted to assist you in refining your sustainability strategy, enhancing credibility, and fostering a meaningful positive impact.

Our distinctive approach seamlessly integrates ISO 26000 Maturity Assessment, GRI Verification, and ESG Insight Assessment, creating a synergistic framework that delivers unparalleled insight into your organization's sustainability performance.
Elevate Your Strategy with Our Methodology
The strength of our methodology is its ability to and maximize the value of your sustainability efforts:
  • Have you already undertaken an ISO 26000 Assessment? Bolster the trustworthiness of your sustainability report with GRI Verification and obtain a more extensive perspective on your ESG performance through the ESG Insight Assessment.
  • Have you completed GRI Verification already? Take your sustainability strategy to the next level by delving into the broader facets of ESG performance with our ESG Insight Assessment.
  • Looking for a comprehensive evaluation? Embark on our integrated journey to acquire a well-rounded understanding of your sustainability landscape, spanning from social responsibility maturity to comprehensive ESG insights.
Trust in Our Expertise
DEKRA stands as your trusted partner, providing a comprehensive solution for organizations keen on creating a substantial difference. Our integrated suite of audit services ensures that you not only meet internationally recognized standards but also exceed them. With us by your side, you can elevate your sustainability journey and seize new business opportunities, while strengthening client relationships through credible and transparent reporting.
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