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Neutrality, Expertise, and Precision

As an independent organization of experts, DEKRA places extreme importance on fair play in our daily work—not only here in Germany but also in about 50 more countries around the world.

Soccer DEKRA
Soccer DEKRA

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DEKRA is the official partner of the referees of the German Football Association (DFB).

That’s why we have been wholeheartedly supporting the referees of the DFB for many years now. Our partnership began in 2003 and has been extended four times since then.

We and the DFB’s referees share the values of neutrality, expertise, and safety. DEKRA has stood for those values for more than 90 years now.

This partnership is clearly visible on the clothing of the referees and their assistants. The DEKRA logo is also displayed in the technical zones of stadiums on the clothing worn by the fourth officials in the premier and second national soccer leagues, the DFB club trophy, the women’s cup final, and the Allianz women’s national league.

Visit here to find out the latest news and information on the referees in the leagues named above. From time to time, you can also take part in contests sponsored by DEKRA and the DFB.

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