DEKRA and Hydrogen Europe: global rules for green future energy

Setting the course for green hydrogen

Nov 21, 2022

Hydrogen technologies will play an indispensable role in the global fight against climate change: This was confirmed by the CEOs of the expert organization DEKRA and the industry association Hydrogen Europe, Stan Zurkiewicz and Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, at a meeting in Brussels. According to the two top managers, the course for this must be set today: essential prerequisites are a safe infrastructure and safe applications for hydrogen. In addition, society needs globally valid rules for climate-neutral "green" hydrogen.

DEKRA is convinced that the phase-out of the fossil fuel economy as defined in the Paris Climate Agreement can only be achieved through the implementation of a green hydrogen economy. "Hydrogen as an energy carrier can be as safe as other energy carriers," emphasized DEKRA CEO Stan Zurkiewicz. "Comprehensive regulatory framework encompassing norms, standards and testing obligations is essential for safe transition towards a hydrogen-based future, and is the prerequisite for hydrogen applications to find acceptance in society, industry and politics – our global goal must be called 'H2 Readiness'."
Hydrogen Europe CEO Jorgo Chatzimarkakis stated: "Currently, we are facing the next industrial revolution, this requires long-term thinking and competent partners. What is needed are globally valid and monitored regulations for green hydrogen as well as robust safety standards. To achieve this, legal frameworks are needed as well as efforts from industry and independent organizations like DEKRA that can ensure the safety and credibility of the hydrogen economy."
DEKRA has been a member of the Hydrogen Europe industry association since 2021 and acts as a testing, inspection and certification company (TIC) along the entire hydrogen value chain. With regard to the generation, transport, distribution, and application of hydrogen solutions, DEKRA contributes essential know-how – not least in successful customer and pilot projects.
Hydrogen Europe is the leading organization representing European-based companies and stakeholders committed to the transition to a carbon-neutral (circular) economy. The organization represents more than 420 companies, 20 EU regions and 30 national associations.