Sales campaigns

Reach your used vehicle BtoB sales and budget target with the help of remarketing experts.

Sales campaigns

Why do Sales campaigns exist?

For vehicle manufacturers and leasing companies who want to be accompanied by Remarketing experts to define their used vehicle monthly commercial tactic.

Your benefits?

  • Strongly experienced partner
  • Structured know-how results oriented
  • A pragmatic and objective view on your business
  • All-inclusive service: analysis, recommendation, implementation, monitoring

To start the month with marketing and commercial actions that fit with the targets perfectly, our service proposes a monthly face to face meeting to:

  • Analyze the monthly KPI business: stock, ageing, sales, stock vs sales, sales support, residual values to identify poor performance and stock issues
  • Recommend a commercial action plan to accelerate stock rotation to reach your monthly target
  • When the commercial action plan is validated we can take in charge all the commercial communications and sales actions


DEKRA is specialized in consulting services to accompany its customers to define their used vehicles remarketing strategy and has developed an expertise in “sales campaigns” dedicated to the sale of more than 550.000 UV each year in Europe.


Sébastien Garin

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